Sunday, December 19, 2010

where did Saturday go???

let see what fun we had on Saturday... I got up I showered, I spent a few kid less grand kid less hours with Michael :) then noon, picked up Martha, went to meet Schlena (favorite cousin) for lunch and some running in the COLD RAIN. 

we were gonna meet at the cracker barrel so schlena could pick up a gift card... it was PACKED!  so we instead went to this little place that we had eaten before...cant ever recall its name but for the local people its out on furys ferry road, used to be called Chicago dog or something like that... they have an awesome menu are slow as molasses but to give the girl working credit she was sweet as can be and working all alone.  it was not crowded and oh so worth the wait... sorry never occurred to me to take pics until AFTER we had eaten and half my philly cheese steak was in my jacket pocket.  for inquiring minds the restaurant score is 100 :)   YEAH WE CHECK THAT STUFF OUT. 

then we took schlenas car to her house... and headed out to the cemetery to put new Christmas flowers on the graves.  We ended up running down the hill across the highway to Kmart to get a bungee cord to hold the flowers on the bench... again should have taken pics but in the cold spitting rain just did not think about it.

then off to run MJ to work... she was pissy because she wanted to go to the mall... but time just did not work out... from there on to the mall we headed. FOR THOSE WHO REALLY KNOW know the mall is OFF LIMITS I HATE IT on a slow day and the last Saturday before Christmas in the pouring rain does not include a SLOW DAY... holy shit batman it was INSANE!!

we hit Dillard's, then headed over to Macy's then bath and body works all while keeping an eye on the time as I had to meet Stephanie to get Bradley by 5.  Schlena LAUGHED at me when I told her in Dillard's I was reaching my MOB quota in a fast fashion... have I mentioned it was INSANE in there... and flipping HOT too... I would have not reached that status so fast had it not been so darn hot. 

So when we left and found the van and got into the crazy traffic... I thought I would have to get out and beat sense into the person in the Mercedes behind me... they were honking and screaming when I stopped for an ambulance with lights and siren on... my arm came out the window pointed to the ambulance and the door was coming open ...when schlena grabbed my arm...VERY FEW things make me madder than people who do NOT stop for police fire ambulances and FUNERALS... it is smart to stop, it is the LAW to stop, and if it were them or their loved one ,home or such that they were responding to they would want people to STOP!

then we took 30 minutes to get 5 miles... and had enough time to run through Starbucks and grab a mocha frappachino... something we like to do when out and about, then got Bradley and...headed home... Schlena came over and we both forgot to put the stuff in her car that is hers and so it is all still right here lol.

Mom called as Schlena was heading out and I was glad to get to talk to her as It has been a week again, she is hibernating in her room still not feeling totally up to her old self and she was upset as she had been trying to get Christmas cards out and who ever had tried to help her had made a HUGE mess of them... so her favorite aid who is off work today is supposed to go help her today to get them sorted out and ready to mail tomorrow.   One of the aids who works evenings is a daughter of an old high school friend of mine and she is on facebook so most nights I get the news from her and she has been giving mom messages from me... was too cute last night when mom said "little nikki" got on me about not calling you.

of course Bradley was his usual adorable self... he was tired at 5 when we got him but in a sweet mood mostly he drug out the pots and pans and played in the kitchen for about an hour, he ate scrambled eggs, ham, Popsicle, lollipop and cookies... yeah he is a bit rotten then at 9 he crawled up on my lap with a cup of milk and passed out!  he woke up enough at midnight when his momma came to get him to give grandma sugars as today he is spending with his other grandma and their family as they are having Christmas dinner and stuff today :)

A friend of mine called me last week, have not heard from her in a long time, she asked if I still do hair... told her i do... her neighbors son is getting married today and her neighbor wants her hair braided so am heading over there in a bit to make a bit of change and fix this woman's hair :)    Just out of curiosity if you were to have your hair braided for a  wedding what would you be willing to pay... I am cheap am charging her 15.00 and usually don't charge anything ... I have been doing hair ever since I can remember and am not licensed to so feel kinda guilty charging anything. 

speaking of hair if I do not cut Michael's soon he will have a huge afro good grief we have been slack for a long while on his hair... but like he said someone is always here or he does not feel like sitting still for 20 minutes while I get through all those curls.

Martha gets her hair from him... its thick and super curly.  mine and Cory's is thin and straight as a pin.

we still have no baby, Martha goes back to the Dr the 22nd if she does not have her first.

so I guess that splains where Saturday ran off to and hid.  :)
Hope you all have a very blessed Sunday


Anonymous said...

Good nite Peach. I wouldn't want your life for all the tea in China, but I can never tear myself away from your blog. You have such a way of telling the story of your life, even way back when you blogged about your upbringing. Still your biggest fan.
Merry Christmas
Love, Lucy (Susie H)

Anonymous said...

whew! you are making me tired just reading this! LOLOL what a wild and crazy day you had!

Have a great week, Laura!

Debbie Jean said...

Girl, You make me tired, just reading your blog. I so wish I could get out and do those things once again. Not only does it make me tired, it makes me alittle sad and jealous. I miss being busy like that and being able to do all that. Do remember to take care of yourself, and hubby. Maybe Halo will be a lil Christmas miracle. Maybe that would be a way of easing her into life and the stress of it. Babies are miracles at any time although. I for one can not wait to see a pic of her and her sweet Grandma.

Merry Christmas Laura~

God Bless~
Debbie Jean
PS. I sure wish those homemade cinnamon rolls would make it thru the mail. I am dieing for one!!! LOL