Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Since it is 20 past midnight it is officially Christmas... so :) Merry Christmas Ya'll

today I got a BOOK in the mail... I dont recall ordering it... so that means someone thought of me and sent it :) 
who ever sent it... THANK YOU I cant wait to sit and read it :) I have been wanting new reading materials.
I also recieved some christmas cards today JoJo, Alice, MPM,  thank you ladies love the cards :) I got a few earlier last week and loved those too!

Well baking did not get all done... only got the pumpkin bundt cake and cinnamon rolls done... Cresents MAY get done in the morning after I make the chili and it is simmering away... OR NoT... we shall see...

Had a bit of issue with the bread rising... IT IS TOO COLD in my house to promote Bread rising IT TAKES FOREVER... I started the bread around 12 30 ish.. it was not done till 7 pm... when I was SUPPOSED to be at my cousins... Bradley and I got there late but the rolls were still warm and they loved them.

it all worked out well as when I was ready to leave Stephanie was getting off work so I just carried Bradley to her job and sent him on his way..

I wish I had thought to take a picture... Schlena got Bradley a AFLAC duck and HAVE MERCY it talks when you squeeze it... it says... AFLAC. AFLAC.... AAAAFLLLAAAACCCCKKKKKKKK.!!!! it is soft and huggable and Bradley loves it...almost as much as he loved the gift bag BWHAHAHAH typical kid...

anyway Halo watch is ON... she's due the 26th.... I would love for her to come today but.... so far nothing... MJ's next dr appt is monday so I am sure if she has not come by then the dr will induce.

seems like there is something else I wanted to share but, for now the brain is on sleep mode so ... Merry Christmas again and see you all soon!!!!! :)
love hugs and Blessings


Bluebird49 said...

Hope you got some sleep, Laura. Hubby and I both got a, (well, working on 36 hours)--virus here at our son's and his family's house in the mountains. Santa came anyway! Doesn't he always manage to get by! Under the tree looked like 30 kids lived here!! Man--I can't even imagine what that would have been like growing up, can you? A 3 -year-old AND A 6 YEAR-OLD--with so much stuff they have no idea what to do!!

Anyway, I guess it was a good way to start a New Year's diet. All that yummy lasagna and then turkey and dressing tonight? Not for us--gatorade rules.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy Christmas in your house Laura. Merry Christmas to your whole family, let us know when little Halo makes her appearance!

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Merry Christmas Peach and family! Thank you for the beautiful card, we all loved it.

P.S.--in the future when making bread, just turn your oven on for about 3 minutes, turn it off, then turn the oven light on and leave it on. Cover your dough with plastic wrap and put it in the oven on the middle rack to rise. This works just like a bread proofer and it will rise really nice and in a timely manner. I keep my kitchen pretty cool, so this is what I do on a daily basis with anything with yeast in it. If i had to wait for it to rise on the counter in my kitchen I would never get anything completed :-)

Paxie Panicker said...

Merry Christmas Ms. Peach! AFLAC...that will be cute at FIRST LOL LOL

Anxiously awaiting with you!!!