Monday, December 27, 2010

it's monday already? wow.

where did the week go?
MJ goes to the dr this afternoon... and is planning on begging to be induced.  I think the Dr might agree to it since he is in total agreement on her getting back to school asap. In fact he OFFERED to her induction the first day of break but she wanted to work up until christmas eve.

NOW, YES it has snowed a bit here... and I have pics for you :)  this was in the morning about 9 ish
 Hank is a fat and sassy cat who DEMANDS his feeding by sitting at the door meowing until someone responds...
 I have promised pictures of the front... It is now safe for Bradley to be on the front porch albeit much too cold with the blustery winds.  He will love it this spring though when he can ride his worm on the porch
 I absolutely love it, 6 years is not too long to wait to have it completed!
 the end of the trailor is now a house... it has more wood under the siding that new houses built today... because every inch is covered except of course the windows which will help with keeping heat in dust and cold out and in the summer of course keeping the heat out. 
 the little bit of snow we got in the morning before it took a break... and since some have already asked... Michael put two sections of the siding vertical to break up the 70 foot lines that would have been it is different yet makes no real difference in what the siding does... I like it it is unique :0)
 this was about 530 pm... I am not positive that my thermometer is not stuck... its hovered around 40 for quite some time... of course it does not take into account the wind chill.... BRRRR

as you can see it had begun to snow again about 4 pmish and left a good bit more snow as the little in the morning had all melted off in the early afternoon
Hank likes supper to be on time as well... the flash on the camera whited him out though.
the snow is pretty and thankfully will not stick around long... it will probably be melted off today when it reaches 40 degrees out this afternoon... bad thing with that is 2 hours later it will freeze again and leave ice in places.  you can see where michael has been driving in the front yard cleaning up the mess from building the porch rails... and if the weather cooperates he will finish the stair rails this coming weekend.  then comes the rest of the roof and the facia board that fell down last summer.
and the view from the other side.... all the neighbors roofs are quilted in the snow. :)
and today my sister is to come to Georgia for a week :) I hope she drives carefully and has a safe trip I cant wait to see her!!!!!!!  she moved toSt louis this past summer and Is doing well up there but, I miss being able to see her anytime that one or the other of us felt the desire to drive the three hours she USED to live from me.
Have a wonderful Monday keep safe and warm :)


Paxie Panicker said...

I absolutely love the porch. Perfect for sittin and watchin nature and kids on worms with ducks that say AFLAC!

Today could be the day!! YIPPEE! Keep us posted some way or another okay? ((Hugs))

Tracy DeLuca said...

LOVE the porch! Can't wait to hear how MJ does and if they induce. Keep us posted!!

Bluebird49 said...

The porch is beautiful, and so safe for little ones! I'd love to have a porch--AND I'd love to not be so close to other houses. We have neighbors across,beside, behind! You're so blessed to have a husband who can work with his hands. My husband is talented with music, but it doesn't do a lot of good with house stuff--don't love him any LESS!! But I could appreciate someone who loves to work on things like your michael does, too.

We had 19" of snow back home (we're in the mountains with our kids--and they only got 7"!)

Hope the Dr. says, "Let's see this Halo angel we've been waiting for! It's time!" --today.

Steph said...

We still have snow on the ground. We got more yesterday and considering it hasn't gotten above freezing yet, we still are blanketed in white. It should melt off some today, but that will freeze tonight. Hopefully by midweek we will be back to normal.

Text me when MJ has the have my number.

Mental P Mama said...

LOVE that porch! Now keep us posted on MJ!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE what Michael has done with your place!! It looks amazing!!

When is the last time you guys have had snow? You have more than we do, we have NONE! LOL

I am anxiously awaiting the news that little Halo has arrived!