Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday Evening catch up.

Let's see whats been happening since I last posted...
Thursday... Not much I decided to bake some bread and make an experiment, Pics are on facebook in my food porn folder, they are not on this computer so I can't load them here but, anyway I made the dough that I make cresent rolls with... then I stuffed it with hamburger sausage and cheese and made these really BIG sandwich type things. I loved them, Mike said it was too much Bread, and then he took 4 of them to work and gave them to some people... WHO RAVED OVER THEM :)
I do want to figure out a better way to have less bread on the bottom but, in time.
I am thinking I might make cinnamon rolls tomorrow, I am not sure what plans will be made for me but USUALLY on Saturday evenings /Nights I have Bradley.
Today Friday I really wanted to sleep in... but alas my nose struck and I could  not breathe so I got on up and took my bath, had my coffee (not in that order per say)
talked on the phone for 49 minutes to my little sister person then FINALLY decided to get things done...
my van was JUST 3400 miles past the 3000 mile mark and 3 months past the 3 month ... so I went to my trusted mechanics and got my oil changed ... we decided that since the van only has 19000 miles on it to go to the synthetic oil that only requires changing every 7500 miles.
It cost more but, seeing as how I seem to have issues with making it to the shop (its a WHOLE MILE) to get the oil changed when i SHOULD... it seems to be a good plan.
the issue with the van eatting tires apparently really was thanks to me hitting that darn curb on wrightsboro road down at the turn where gilbert manor used to be... where I hit it to avoid being hit by a car. GAH anyway the new tires had little to no wear and NONE on the inside where the van ATE the two original front tires.
then... off to the bank then to walmart to pick up some groceries and was to meet my neice there but realised it was suddenly 230 And time to pick Mj up from school so ... left to go do that then home to get ready for Bradley to come and MJ to go to work.
Bradley was a wild little indian who it is so hard to get mad at even when you know and he knows he is being bad.
Little shit is climbing EVERYTHING and papa is not always a great help at being the eyes in the back of my head.  SO as I was cooking supper I looked and papa had dissapeared to the front porch and BADLEY was being quiet... Yeah he had climbed to the table in the middle of the couch and was sitting up on it grinning at me... so all i could do was grin and keep his attention so he did not bail off then go rescue him and tickle him and carry him outside for a bit... then when cooking go to a point it no longer needed me we decided a BATH would be a good time user as he was tired and when he is tired he is a TURD.
He has realised there is a PIANO here... papa showed it to him thanksgiving... its his daddys piano and Bradley loves to play it. he plunks out a tune then turns around and claps to be sure you are watching him... I have tried to take pics but the stinker comes running when he knows the camera is out so I have to devise a plan to catch him as it is way way too cute.
He has also decided that this little piggy is one of his favortie things and wants me to do it a bazillion times in a row he sticks his foot up and says AHHHH and if you dont respond how he wants you get fingers up your nose or your glasses snatched off or tonight when I was not prompt in my response I GOT MY NOSE BIT!
little shit :0 D  I cant believe he acted like he was going to give me sugars gobbled my nose and bit pretty hard then LAUGHED... Imagine that HE cackled he thought it was so funny.

then finally supper got done
baked chicken, mashed potatos gravy and peas and pears
he ate very well tonight ... here lately hes been hard to get to eat typical of a nearly 19 month old
and at 9 pm he crashed... his momma might be in for a very LLLLOOOOONNNGGGGG night cause he may wake up on the trip home or in and out of the car seat... oh well it happens
amd seeing how its 12:11 A.M. I hope shes making big bucks tonight ...
AND as always there is MOM to deal with...
I have not been able to speak to her for nearly 2 weeks..
I have talked ot the nursing home no less than 10 times and unless i am able to talk to ONE particular nurse... THE CRAP I AM TOLD ... sigh I had a nurse call me and tell me a week and a half ago that mom has a cough and she got meds for her... then last weekend a nurse calls says mom has not gotten out of bed in a week... NO MENTION of a cough... then another nurse calls me... (in the mean time i have contacted a friend who contacted a couple other friends who work with mom and has told me what is happening) tells me that mom is refusing to come out of her room... so i said HAVE YOU TALKED TO HER DR ? HAVE YOU GOTTEN AN ORDER FOR ANYTHING FOR THE COUGH? she says i am faxing now... so I tell her to let me know if she does not hear from the dr in a reasonable time... so at the end of her shift she calls me... says... DR ORDERED CHEST X RAY POWDER FOR GALD AND HYDROCODONE TO REPLACE TYLENOL... I SAY... ok WHAT DID YOU GET FOR THE COUGH?  nurse gets ignorant.. then comes broken chair discussion which is a whole blog post in  itself... DOUBLE GAH.
so hour passes and evening nurse calls... shes taken care of the chair as she heard the other on the phone with me... shes called got cough syrup and will keep me posted.
wednesday... she called me moms really not good has talked to dr again got order for pain meds that I refused for mom to have before and admin wants it cleared with me... NO PROBLEM... the dr who tried to kill mom is not her dr so if her pain is 10 on 10 scale  YES give her strong meds.
tonight... Nurse calls *same wonderful evening nurse* says I was off yesterday but today since I got her one hour ago mom has temp of 101 c/o headache back at level 10 and nasty smelling urine and dr office gave her crap because mom is a no code.. what do I want her to do... 
Well lets just say I like her :) and moms temp is down thanks to return of tylenol, antibotics for UTI and mom has actually slept 3 hours... and is joking with staff... I think she had a bit of a chat with the dr's office and clarified what i said to her :) God knows the dr (who i really do like) did not want me to call him tonight over mom ... 
this is her christmas picture it is actually one of the better photos I have and I am glad the preacher got such a good one for me :)
it was taken a few weeks back
and now i am still waiting on Steph to come get bradley... I am tired and ready for sleep. 
I have things to get done tomorrow ... and hopefully I will get better sleep tonight. Darn SINUSES.


jojo said...

wow. I don't know how you do it all ~Peach~, I'm tired just reading about your day! I hope you get some rest tonight and relief from those sinuses. I know you are doing everything to take care of yourself...thinking of you!

Karen Deborah said...

good lord Peach are you taking speed? how do you DO all this? you sure are patient some of that behavior would have got swats from me. I'm a mean granny. That is the best picture of your mom I have seen. Why do some docs think that being a no code includes not treating a UTI? give me a break. you can use a break too.

Paxie Panicker said...

I just woke up and now feel the urge to go back to bed. Gosh, woman! Bradley sounds like so much fun and this is a great photo of your Mom :)

Anonymous said...

Laura, you might have to get medieval on their ass!! DNR does not mean "do not treat". Your mom still requires fluids, medicine for fever, and antibiotics for infections. These are all palliative treatments... remind them of that. OMG stories like this make me crazy..

thats a great picture by the way!!!

Bluebird49 said...

Yeah-if you DO happen to have speed--could you shoot some my way? I will not tell anyone--I've never taken it, but I think it's timeI did--I have NO energy. What you get done in a day would take me a month.

You ARE a patient gramma!

And--I hope the nursing home you're dealing with is better than the one I am. I am at the point of wanting to blow my brains out over Mama's nursing home--and it's just a mile from me. I have to call or speak to them about something every day. They're not trying to kill Mama--they're trying to kill ME. If the old administrator had stayed, oh ONLY if--we would not be going through all this misery.

The young "lady" who came in June wants everyone to know she's going to tear it down to the ground, I guess--or maybe they sent her to close it down, I don't know. I can feel my BP going up everytime I think about it--and her.

I wish you the best, because you really DO your best, Laura!! I know you'll be rewarded for it one day.

Debbie Jean said...

Wow, Laura, what a day for you. I wish I had half your energy, but I do believe you are younger than me. When I had my 1st grandchild, I had all that energy. Not anymore, with all my health issues. I am glad that you have it, since you have all that crap to deal with. Could you maybe move your Mom, closer to you to a Ga nursing home? My Dad is almost 85 and lives in a assisted living place in Columbia, SC. He also complains of how he is sometimes treated. I hate that. My Mom is 80 well almost and still lives at home with my step father in Charleston SC.
I pray for you daily Laura, and your family that things will settle down soon for y'all. You deserve some reat and less stress.
Really good pic of your Mom. How old is she?

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Mental P Mama said...

I gonna repeat my new mantra: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.