Monday, December 20, 2010


I have to tell you guys I am so excited ... ok I was hours ago today :)  you know i mentioned going to braid this ladys hair today right... well I went and did it and like I had said I told her 15.00 ... well... GUESS WHAT SHE PAID ME???? ANY GUESSES???

OH MY WOW.... she paid me 40.00  I was astounded and had to ask her if she was sure... then I said thank you :)

On my way home my neice called me she sounded horrid... and begged me to bring her something to eat... so  stopped and brought her some popeyes chicken... then came home to cook for michael and I ...we had link pork sausage and fried ham and biscuits... yummy.

then WE NAPPED just cause we can... then watched couples retreat and now i am of course wide awake and blogging. 

Michael was bugging me about what I want for christmas... could not think of a think so i started web surfing... and found a Kindle that I do believe I will like... he carried on for a while about the meaning of going out shopping versus online shopping... that did not last long ... he said order what you want and hurry up so it gets here in time LOL... MEN.

Iron Chef America just came on it has robert irvin versus Paula dean... with two iron chefs... LOOKS LIKE FUN... its battle SUGAR! *Christmas sweets*

I think the Tv needs my attention these guys/ gals are a HOOT... Hope you all are having a wonderful night.


Karen Deborah said...

Paula Dean will win anything that has to do with sweets. That's cool you made some money and she must have been really happy!

Paxie Panicker said...

Wonderful news! I'm glad you are excited for YOU and that things are going a bit smoother :)

I have no Kindle but hope you enjoy it!!


Bluebird49 said...

OOOOOH! You're getting the gift I want but am not getting. I am happy for you, though! I should have told hubby I wanted it, but didn't think we could afford it this year--but I think he's getting me a wireless printer--and I'll like that, too. Maybe I'll get a Kindle next year (put the word out soon enough!). In the mean time--I know you'll enjoy it. God bless your michael and Santa!

Sounds like you are feeling the "spirit" more, and are relaxed more, and I can't tell you how glad I am!! You didn't even mention your kids or grandkids in this post---and you know--you may be able to put out the word that you braid hair for extra bucks after Christmas. Sounds like you could really make some good money at it for weddings, etc. And charge what you're WORTH!

Merry Christmas, Laura. I hope things will be happy--I know you'll love meeting Halo, no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Laura, I know you will love the kindle! when will it be there???

mmmmm ham and biscuits, you cook all of the stuff I like to eat! will you come cook for me??? LOL

Hope everything is going well today!