Monday, December 6, 2010

the weekend

oh I have so much to cover... so much I want to cover and  some I am not sure I should cover... so lets start with the good fun stuff shall we.
 believe it or not I am not happy with this batch... yep they are absolutely delish however...they got more done than I wanted because I had to take martha to work at 4 saturday, they needed to cook more  when i need to go so I turned off the oven and let them sit... not again say I.  plus the caramel mostly went to the bottom... again delish just not what I anticipated so they went to work with michael this morning.

Bradley Likes to play in papas boots....
 and to play in his milk....
 and sit and mess in Grandmas office chair... he knows how to make it spin around
 He plays the piano... yes he climbs up by himself and gets in trouble when he stands on the bench.
 he loves papa to poke him in his little round belly ... he cackles and it is like music to the ears... then he squeels and its a wonder glass does not break at the high notes he hits.
 then he stuck his fingers up papas nose and the games ended!
 this was my toy box when I was little it is Bradleys now, he likes to climb on it too...
 I got him a back pack to be his diaper bag here at Grandmas house I was kinda tired of shoving a diaper in my purse when we go anywhere, Plus he can carry his own stuff... He likes to "read" too
 He walked around with his back pack and magazine for over an hour until his mommy got here.
 and he plays IN the toy box too...
 papa has been a busy man for the last two months... 6 years ago he finished to the end of the porch and the last part of the trailor had never been finished... he underpinned with 8 inch blocks then took off the old siding put up all wood walls replaced the roof and has sided it to match the rest of the house...
 it was break time... *above...
Bradley and I had gone to the store yesterday and took this on the way up the drive.
 all thats left now to finish this part is the end cap  and to paint the window treatments then take the scaffold down... then the very end of the trailor has to be done then the whole house is done...well and the rest of the roof replaced but that wont take too long... when you work on it weekends it is exhausting.  plus this weekend Sunday was COLD with cold WIND all day.
 He did not realise I took his pic until I showed him last night :D  he was tired and still had to cover the pump and fix the bike for the little boy we adopted for christmas.  Today I get to return the folding chairs we borrowed for the shower and deliver the bike and other gifts to the Salvation Army in augusta so this little boy will have a sweet christmas.   :)
 Last week I made these... the dough is what My Teacher Kayola taught me to make cresent rolls from and OH MY so delish.... Istuffed it with sasuage, hamburger and cheese... they were amazing... Michaels work really rakes it in when I cook because some stuff there is just no way to make smaller amounts... so four of these were given to people of Michaels choice... THEY LOVED THEM. Stephanie loved them ... I loved them ... Michael and Martha ate them but, said they had too much bread...
Bradley likes to play in my cabinets...Literally. so I was hiding behind the cabinet laying in the floor to show you what fun he has... he got stopped by a commercial.
if you notice the clock on the stove it was 10:50 at night!  he was busy playing. He had had a late nap and anyway this is just a taste of what Bradley does at Grandmas house.

now on to other stuff... things get a bit dark from here... so you are warned ... let the drama begin.
wow where to begin...
well Mike *marthas boyfriend, the BMOC, decided to break the news to me yesterday at 4 after CORY kicked him and martha out of their house, that THEY ALL have been lying to us. WOW BIG SURPRISE THERE.  ACTUALLY... It was partly a surprise to me that Stephanie and Cory decided to keep the lie... but anyway martha and Mike have NOT been staying at his parents house for the last three weeks... they have been staying at CORY AND STEPHANIES house.
I warned Cory NOT to do it. BUT, it's his house and he can do what ever he wants in it.
I guess what really gets to me is ... well several things get to me actually.
so let me list them.
1. Cory and Stephanie decided to lie to me ... they know how I feel about lies and liers.
2. That after pinky swearing to me... Martha Still lied to me.* no I am not totally suprised*
3. That mike THE MAN, decided to TATTLE like a little kid on Cory and Stephanie after THEY TOOK THEM IN.  ok so he was mad at them because they kicked him and martha out but still GROWN MEN do NOT act that way.
4. Not only that but, Mike decided to tell on Cory and Stephanie for other stuff... DOES HE HONESTLY think that I dont know what they do recreationally?? I DO NOT APPROVE of their choices but they are GROWN PEOPLE and what they do in their own home is really NOT MY BUSINESS.
5. I am kinda surpised that Cory would involve Mike in the recreational crap....HOW FOOLISH.
6. I am even rather surprised at my lack of response to the crap. I did ask mike where he and martha intended to live and he said a hotel  until tueday and they can get back into their trailor... HUMMMM must have quite the stash of moneys to be able to do that.
7. Stephanie stooped a bit and decided to tattle on Martha too, she has laid out of school a lot more than I thought, BUT AGAIN, I am not suprised. 
8.I am really sad because I see my daughter throwing her life and any chance she may have in it down the drain.  with out at least a high school diploma she is doomed to fail and in turn drag her daughter right down with her. BUT AGAIN,she is 19 now and I can't fix it for her.  I can only let her make her choices and then live with them.
I guess it all comes down to just how willing am I to give up my life to help my kids and each day makes me want to help them less and less.

NOW I HAVE TO SAY THIS ... to all my friends who love and worry about me... I am a venter. MY BLOG and Your ears/eyes are my release and I am able to vent it out and let it go ... I am not as stressed as you think ... Dont get me wrong there are times during the day I would love to RUN FAR FAR AWAY but, I am not and never have been one that runs I am strong and I am a fighter I work hard and pray hard and play hard too. Thankfully I found a manner in which to live many years ago that deals with absolute honesty and belief in God and my Husband lives by that same mannor. In case you are newer to me and my blog... we met on whiskey road at an AA meeting 24 years ago ... THANK GOD for Bill Wilson and DR Bob and their path to freedom.  Because without them I would have died years ago.
well the time has come for me to get something accomplished today... so with that in mind... HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!


Tracy DeLuca said...

I havent commented lately but have been following the saga. Just want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you. Hang in there, stay strong and try not to stress too much. They will live their lives their way and eventually things will even out. HUGS

Caution said...

Glory be, Peach. Do you ever sit still?? I would take those rolls over-done or not! Where did baby Bradley go? Such a cutie pie with that backpack.

Now for the other stuff. It's a gift to be able to let things go after venting. I envy you that gift. They will all grow up ... some day. Until then, prayers and hugs to you.

TSannie said...

I find you to be one of the strongest humans I know - and I do feel like I personally know you.
Hugs, my friend!

Chris H said...

I hate lies and liars too.. with a vengence.
As for Mike/Martha... they will do whatever they will do... nothing you say or do will change that... and I'm glad you know that!
Try not to stress too much... everything works out in the end... even crap.
Bradley is adorable... watching him try to get that pot lid to spin and make the noise he likes... so precious.

Ellen said...

I think you need to go into the woods and scream as loud as you can. Praying for you.

Bluebird49 said...

I admire the way you can vent. I can't do it very well, and I keep things in--and it's bad for me, I know. I think growing up a child of abuse and alcoholics makes you sort of keep things in or something. You know in your heart none of it is your fault, but you still feel you have to protect everyone else. Co-dependency-yuck!

Paxie Panicker said...

I am absolutely not worried about you in the least LOL LOL

I do hate lying...with a passion.

Having Bradley around brings so much love, cuteness and can you not just eat him up?? ((Hugs))