Sunday, December 12, 2010

I am trying to get into

the spirit of the holidays... it's hard.  It's always hard for me anyway and this year is even harder.
but with itty bitty baby steps I will muddle through.
I started today by getting my mom what she wanted.  now to mail it.
and I have thought about sending cards out... so step two is to get them out and actually address and sign them :)  then to mail them lol.  Gah.
I am on the fence about the tree... I have a tree and lovely blue decorations I bought last year... but there is not a good place to put it that Bradley will be safe ... ummm the tree will be safe and I still am working on figuring out which room the baby's bed and things will go into.
Logistically Martha's old room is the best place but I really  want Michael to change that room into what he and I want it to be... laundry spare room and bathroom. And if all goes well then He can start work in there soon. 
the spare room is really chilly and I don't know yet if I want to put the baby bed in there... When the door is open it is not so cool in there... and in summer it is a warmer room... sigh.

Mom actually felt well enough to call me one evening this week.  She still does not sound real good and her blood sugars are still running rampant.  The ONE nurse that I really trust to take good care of mom is off this weekend so I am anticipating the call from her Monday evening. 

I have not called my aunt this week but, mom did say she went by to see her this week so that's good.

Dad and Jeannie are finally moved... I totally dread the THOUGHT of ever moving... I have more things stashed from 24 years of living here... and the thought that they have only been in the house they were in 10 years... and the masses accumulated... oh my.... SHUDDER.

Cory called me today... he had a flat tire and finally found a replacement only to discover it has a hole... I hope that Monday the man he got it from does right by him.

Martha and I went shopping today... she took us to lunch at stevie b's pizza... the pizza was ok... not great but hunger made it better... the stores were packed with people as is expected... the salvation Army and Golden Harvest food bank trucks were at K mart... We got a couple toys for the toy store but totally forgot to hit the food isles.  My cousin goes to the salvation army church and she said donations are really low this year so if you are able please help them out I am sure that donations are low everywhere thanks to the economy.

michael put the end cap on the house today and painted well primed to paint tomorrow the windows.... things are really coming together and it's looking great!  it is also air tight and will help cut the heat and cooling bills... as will the new roof :)

I have been doing some cooking experiments... some are big hits some not so big.
tonight I made bakd chicken legs, mac n cheese and brussles... BIG HIT for michael and I ... bradley not so much... he was not so hungry as he ate when he first got here and he was tired... so after we ate he got a bath then bed... :) He is soo funny... he had not seen us in two days and so when he came in he gave us both the long low down in Bradleyease... you have never heard such jabbering in all your days ... his dad was like that too though... he spoke his own language for several years.  he is also facintated with his boy bits... he had to check out his pee in the tub ... again hysterically funny.

I did decide that I will not be making a huge christamas dinner so am trying to decide what I would rather cook... what do you gals and guys have for christmas dinner?

anyway its very late and bradley will be back in the morning so have a wonderful sunday ya'll


Tracy DeLuca said...

We used to do a taco salad bar for the family. When they all came over (extended) we would have all of the fixins on the bar and everyone had a blast fixing their plates and visiting. One year Mom did a giant pot of gumbo. This year here we will be doing a beef brisket.

HUGS The Christmas spirit is moving in slowly here this year.

I used a giant play yard fence like this and put it around the tree for the first few years until the boys could climb it!

Flea said...

Sounds like it's time for the adult children to start pitching in with Christmas dinner. Decide on a menu and assign them dishes. Only cook what you're up to. Every year you assign them more. They need to start developing their own traditions.

Take your iron and vitamins c and d, Peach. Your body needs them right now.

jojo said...

when my son was that age we used to put the decorated Christmas tree in the playpen. The tree was safe, the kid couldn't get to it...happy, happy all around!
Boy bits...what boy isn't fascinated with that...still!

Paxie Panicker said...

Boys are fascinated? Men? Viagra? They never stop.

You sound tired or slumpy. Not in the mood here for Christmas. No reason. I'm in the mood to give to charity, just not to us. We really don't NEED anything. When David was young, we tied the tree to the wall so it wouldn't topple.

Are we getting close to the little baby girl being born?? I'm excited LOL

Flea's right...take care of yourself and next couple of days try to STAY WARM!! I'm not liking this cold weather...Gah.

Caution Flag said...

Christmas dinner?? I guess I need to think about that :(

Bluebird49 said...

The kids came here for Thanksgiving--wanted the "big dinner"~ and got it. We'll go up there for Christmas--where they'll have lasagna--which hubby doesn't care for--but what r ya gonna do? Doesn't matter about the food anyway. Keep it simple this year, Dear--it's been a heck of a year for ya!

Mental P Mama said...

LOL. I just love me some Bradley. One of the new benefits of living in our new digs is that I don't have to have the masses over;)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, it sounds to me like you are more into this Christmas thing than you realize! Put the tree UP, as in up high on a counter or something. maybe get one of those little Norfolk pine trees from walmart they are $12 and you can decorate them and then have a beautiful plant for later on.

Bradley would love looking at the bulbs and the lights as long as he cannot get to them it will be ok. Dont you love seeing bits and pieces of his dad in him? There is a piece of you in there too Laura. what a treasure he is...

hmm Christmas dinner... we have crab legs and funeral potatoes. and rolls of course! maybe some broccoli casserole.

What about a themed buffet? Finger foods are always a hit in our house.

good luck! let us know what you decide on.