Sunday, March 25, 2012

bits of this and that...

I have realised i have not taken or posted any pics lately, with the death of the droid and reversion to the lg and impatiently waiting on the new droid to arrive.. I have not taken many pics.  I do apologise.
My friend Susan has a picture of this kid of eggs from pintrest on her facebook page (I do not do pintrest) I dont have time to add yet another thing to my schedule... but anyway I had to try to make these... and so I did and they were fun and purty and yummy!
 Halo was not happy to not be the center of attention... so she got my attention and a few pics of herself in the process... shes a pretty , happy, rotten  little thing :)
 She has tude... in so many ways is so like her mother , yet totally her own person too.  and yes she LOOKS just like her mother only her mother was a cotton head at this age.
 she is still a very, dont know the word i want... but Bradley Martha Cory were all very smiley  all the time babies ... not her.  so when she does finally smile and laugh it is a big deal... she still sometimes acts a bit confused not scared really when we have a big belly laugh like at a stupid movie or something.
 the other day, I had to laugh, Bradley runs around pantless, Halo shirtless... she woudl go nakie if I would let her... i am not at all suprised Cory ran in a t shirt for a couple years no pants especially during potty training time and martha was little houdini trying to keep clothing on her was insanely hard ... when its time to dress halo she has a pure laying screaming kicking fit....then once they are on shes fine... and on rare occasions she is ok with being dressed but most of the time ... its a battlefield (and I WIN)
 I have realised that my eye though seemingly stable is causing some of ,my pictures to be blurry (part is i need to take some classes on how to use my camera) but the other part is it looks right to me when i take it... but on the computer i see how far off It really is.  anyway... this is halo when ever I am trying to do anything.... I get you mawmaw.... and she comes wanting to be picked up to be a part of what ever I am doing or to plop in my lap or just be close ...
 Bradley balanced a ring on his head... she was amazed!
 She has this SWAGGER for lack of a better term it is HYSTERICAL to watch her when she has it going on her little shoulders swing from side to side and those legs stomp and her hips waggle it... totally cracks me up
 not exactly sure what this was about but thought it is classic!  lol
 she has about 5 play phones and her mothers old lg phone she is constantly on one of them jabbering away...
she keeps us laughing and shaking our heads... martha says it wont be long till they come get her... I am torn with that.. I know in my head she needs to be with her parents, and late at night when I am exhausted and she is wide open I really reallly want her to be with her parents, have toyed with the thought of drop kicking her to them for a brief second or two .... but then she wraps those itty arms around my neck and the thought passes....but thing is this... if they take her back to florida now with them then she will be spending a lot of time with a stranger who happens to be one of marthas best friends aunt (i am very glad that this woman lives there dont get me wrong) but she is still a stranger to a very attached to grandma little girl...and Halo is at the magical age where she is learning what is safe what is not and testing the waters in every way and knows that when things scare her or she needs reassurance that grandma is there.  For that alone i wish they would leave her a few more months.... that and martha needs to take advantage of the situation and get the money made to get her drivers liscense straight and a car before she ends up in flipping jail!  GAH.I have talked to her at length about it... and shes on the fence she misses halo... which i tell her is totally natural and halo misses her too but halo is young enough that when the time comes if martha is better ready and suited to give her the life she needs and deserves that halo wont be as upset at missing a few months with her parents and staying with her grandparents.   if that makes sense at all... it does to me... maybe i am rationalizing but, I want martha and mike to be able to do right by this child and to be able to drive without the fear of going to jail for driving without a liscense and ect ect plus them being over 8 hours away... well... that stinks but is life.

i have had some issues with my arms and hands... still am... they are numb and tingeling all the time now... dr said could be neuropathy could be carpal tunnel could be from the meds could be this could be that.... GAH drives me crazier... whats even crazier is dr did labs vit d was high (i was taking 50,000 Iud a day to get it up so not taking that for now.)   everything ELSE vites minerals all high normals!  very unusual for me but makes me happy!  

i am sure there is a lot more that is floating around in my head but my hands are saying they have had enough and the typos I am having to correct are sendign me over the top... so for now this is all.... may God bless you an keep you till we meet again.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday again already.

WOW time keeps on flying on by its crazy ...
it seems like i Blink once and another week has shot by and I missed it or something.
Halo is feeling much better, I had to laugh at her last night, her mother was texting me when she got off work so I decided to just call and see what Halo would do... she got on my lap and took over the phone talking to her momma, what was funny was her body language, she crossed her feet and had those toes going 90 miles and hour as she told her momma all shes been doing, then she hung up because she loves to mash buttons but promptly called her right back .... then tried to call and text a dozen other people. 
and of course when she hung up the third time I took my phone and she had a complete hissy fit which included throwing down in the floor holding her breath kicking and screaming so she got her jammers on and was put to bed where she crashed out! 

Bradley has some sharing issues he is at the stage where everything IS MINE!  and gets into some trouble taking things from halo, she is quick though and has learned that if she has something to run to grandma or papa and to get there fast the whole time either saying NONO NO or humm how do you spell it??? ut uhhh she reminds me of the kid on little rascals... uh huh only shes uh uhh

They are really too cute together and very busy... they keep me TIRED!

This new medicine the endocrine dr put me on seems to be doing ok I had one episode where it made me sick to my stomach... at least i think it was the med but that has not happened since.  I takes my appetite away but WHEN i do get hungry look out there best be something close by to eat right then or I get rather ill. the HUGE thing is I never know what i want (that was part of my problem before) now it is even worse.   I read a little cute thing that said if stress caused weight loss I would be a toothpick... well dang if thats not true.

I went by the local verizon store the other day... what a joke... they did not have ANYTHING i was interested in in the store and had no idea when they would... michael said you are going to have to go to the augusta store... I might get brave and do that today with halo... the augusta stores are always so dang crouded and the waits are forever... sigh

I am blathering on really about nothing procrastinating on getting halo up.... I have had my shower and well into my third cup of coffee. ;)   so Iguess i might as well suck it up and get going.
Hope you all have a wonderful 1st day of spring... it has skipped straight into summer here!  GAH!
God bless you and keep you till we meet again!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday march 18th

Welp another week has FLOWN by, 
The low country boil was delish, but to me not as good as the last one... I was having stove issues and getting a bottle filled just did not happen in time to cook outside.
Halo is off visiting her other grandparents and should be home in a bit. :) miss the stinker but the house is clean again for a few minutes.
Michael and I discussed the phones issues and decided that we will go back through verizon and get new contracts.  His old phone is slowly dying hes only had it 12 years or so.... and since the last child will be  off our phones the end of april we can get a lower rate plan and do just fine, and since in my old age I am becoming more and more ummmm accident prone insurance on MY phone is a necessity...
who knows i might even get a little bit of trade in on my dead droid and back up phone LOL... sigh
seems like I had all kinds of stuff to chat about but, I dont recall now what it was so ... Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and may God bless you and keep you until we meet again!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

what day is it again???

Oh yeah Wednesday the 14th of march...
Well both babies are still some what ill, Bradley's almost all better, Halo is still coughing a lot but is great about taking her medicine... and God help me MICHAEL is getting it. 
Tomorrow is Michael's Birthday he asked for a low country boil and banana pudding and of course Stephanie and Cory will come help eat it.

Papa and Bradley just went to take naps at 630 pm, Halo has a busy social calendar and is gone off to church with Jordan and her family... and i am trying to catch up on blogs :)

I went to the endocrine Dr today ... she was THRILLED with things... she did give me a new medicine in place of the glucophage... it is a combo drug to try and see how i do with it... she said she was very surprised at how my sugars are after i eat... and tickled pink even said she could tell it but, I have lost 8 pounds... I cant tell it.

she also ordered a bunch of labs and they drew them before i left.... she said you know I don't know how you do it but it is kind of funny in a sad way when you get to come to the Dr without kids... I had taken Halo to Stephanie and let her have a couple hours of 2 kids... she said Halo cried for about an hour... little rotten baby loves grandma. :)  was too cute when i got there to pick her and Bradley up they were sitting at Bradley's little table eating she threw those hands up and had to sit in my lap to finish eating.  Then we left, Bradley, Halo , and I and headed to get the stuff for papas birthday supper tomorrow. :)

on to the SAD news.... I knocked my phone my DROID into the sink the other day... Michael worked on it with the ait compressor and shop vac trying to get as much water out as possible... and it spent two days in a bag of rice... it comes on it would ring but the screen stays black... I think Its dead... I turned my old phone back on and I really MISS my DROID :(  anyone got an old verizon droid they dont want or use any more???? its the original moterolla with the slide out key pad.... I had not had this one long... 2 months i think.... and its the first phone I have ever drounded... and hopefully the last.  Sigh ... I can get one through verizon but I so badly do not want another 2 year contract... stephanies contract is up in april then we wont have ANY contracts with them and can decide what MICHAEL and I want to do as far as phones go because finally we wont have ANY kids on our lines... in fact we will simply have 2 lines .... he still has the same nokia from 12 or so years ago... and says he does not want a different or new phone.... but its getting hard to use at times as a couple buttons are sticking.  

anyway thats the most news i have for now.... I might try to sneak in a nap myself since these two are conked out and halo wont be home until after 9 :)

God bless you and keep you till we meet again.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I does not like...

when the babies are sick... Bradley came over monday with a cold or allergies or something lovely.... and by tuesday halo had the snotty nose too... shes not gotten any better so I took her to the clinic today... she has an ear infection... poor baby. 
her mother and father are coming up tomorrow and will be picking her up monday to visit while they are here getting their things to take back to Florida,  but unless something changes in the next few days, Halo will be staying with us for a while longer.
We dont know for how long and will just take things day by day.
DID YOU KNOW... I did not know this until today, that PUBLIX (a store I have mixed feelings about) gives AMOXICILLIN FREE?  well I am greatful that they do as Halo no longer has any medical coverage and the drs office was 70.00 so it helped to not have to pay even more for medication to make her feel better.
well I have lots more to write but no time to do it right now so thats the update for the day. :)
May God bless you and keep you until we meet again!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


it is 145 in the morning.... and BOTH kids are still awake... Halos in her bed talking to herself and Bradley is pouting because i have turned his movie off.   They are both ill, thank you for sharing bradley PLEASE what ever you do dont  share with papa.... PLEASE....
I am so beyond tired but there is no way in hell I can go to bed and go to sleep before they are asleep... it just does not work that way....
well i could type on and on and on but will spare you that and simply say I hope you are all sleeping and haveing sweet dreams ...
God bless you and keep you till we meet again.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

1206 am

yeah halo and I are up... shes on a spree she has had a couple 30 minute naps today instead of her 3 to 4 hour usual... she is slap happy literally so I am ignoring her right now ...
just to clarify.... my blood sugar today when I did check it was 122 and I just rechecked it and its 134 so the dr wont be too upset ... I am sure she will increase the meds from twice a day to either three times or maybe increase the dose but, in all it is doing exactly what she expected and has come WAY down from a month ago... i am just not the good patient that I am at times with some things like i keep a notebook with all my drs stuff in it and they all love that then they can look and see what the other one has done ect... but this finger sticking crap well ... i am bad IF i remember to take it before i eat I just about never remember 2 hours after i eat... i try to remember to take the meds with food but sometimes after supper I forget for an hour or two then as soon as i remember i take them... i take the antibotic at night and thats part of the problem we dont have supper at the same time every night and if one or more babies need attention then well I get put on the back burner.... and thats ok... to a degree...  and for now blogging has to be put on the back burner as halo is working hard to get my attention.... so rest assured I am ok physically... mentally well thats debatable on any given day... and LAUREN if me being bad will get you down here... then I AM THE MOST NONCONPLIANT BAD UNCOOPERATIVE person alive and I NEED GUIDEANCE AND DICIPLINE... PLEASE COME SAVE ME FROM ME :)  
Love you all.  God bless you and keep you till We meet again!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just a few moments ...

Well the other day we did not make it to 11 for lunch, Halo went back to bed at 9 am  and bradley went at 1030, I went a few minutes after he did so we had lunch at 130 when we woke up... it was quite the day of play and cooking and being worn out.

I have come to the realisation that you guys are brilliant and apparently I am quite transparent... and  I know my dr is not gonna be happy when I go back to her... well she won't be completely mad but, I find I forget to do what I am supposed to be doing as in checking blood sugars... and sometimes I forget for several hours to take meds... but, I get busy and I refuse to waste a second of time that I have to spend with Halo while shes here as I dont have any idea when they are coming back ... Martha said they plan to be back one day this coming week but, we simply dont know.   I am a wonderful caretaker... of EVERYONE else ...

Remember I said a couple post back that I got a phone call and a friend needed help?
well my longest bestest friend was flying into town but stuck in Atlanta at the moment and needed to be picked up at the airport when she arrived as he father had emergency surgery that morning and ... anyway I went at midnight to get her ...she was here all week and just go back to her home in Florida last night. 

Her dad is ok.

Stephanie called and said that Bradley is sick and if hes not better she will take him to the dr before bringing him here... he is due to be here tomorrow evening ... he comes monday and wednesday evenings and tuesday and thursday all day, now... so Halo and I have to get some shopping done tomorrow as we have not left the house since Friday :) 

Halo Jeanette and I went out to lunch on friday to red lobster... YUMMMY... I have quite a number of pics of Halo on my phone but have not tried to load them to the computer, this droid is not as easy as my old phone was, with the old one you popped out the disc and loaded it with the droid you have to go through hell and half of Ga to get to the darn disc ... so eventually I will take the time to do it.

I'm sure there is tons I am forgetting to tell that different folks have asked me, I apologise in advance... as right now life is wrapped around halo and enjoying her... she is without a doubt the best baby, even better than Bradley was at this age if that is possible!  She sleeps 12 hours a night every night, she wakes smiling and happy she plays and plays and eats and poops and sleeps very seldom is cranky at all shes sooo funnny and fun to have around... martha is so very blessed with this child... I hope she realises  it one day.  

well i must go... but Ihope this finds all well and Blessed !

Thursday, March 1, 2012

good morning world

Last night Stephanie had to work until close and had to be back to work early this morning so we decided to leave bradley at grandmas over night... at 9 pm he went to bed!  his daddy said expect him to be up by two but, He sleeps through the night most of the time when he is here and if he does wake he just gets into bed with us.
 Halo came last night to stay with us until her parents return from florida and finding a place to live down there... she was asleep by 10 30.  
Grandma went to bed at 11 even though she was not exactly ready. 
THUNDER shook the house at 615 (papa was already up of course) and Bradley came to get into the bed with grandma.   by 630 more thunder woke up Halo too so I decided best to get on up and get started NOW on changing the babies sleep habits.    We had cheerios and almond milk and the kids are now playing and I am loading on coffee :D  I see lunch coming about 11 and naps by 12 LOL
well who knows i may have more to add later perhaps some pictures :)  have a wonderful day Yall love hugs and God Bless you and keep you till we meet again!