Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Halo is 2 months old (updated at the bottom)

later today we will weigh and measure Halo and see just how big our girl has gotten, I took these pics with my phone this morning
 She is soooooo precious... and such a good lovey baby
 BUT.... she has her momma in her.... and this is a CLASSIC Martha Jean expression
 and she still does the stink eye on a regular basis
 ohhhh what a yawn.... off to nappy land!
Yesterday I went to get Beths quilt, it looks amazing on MY bed :) 
 the details are so amazing and it is such a piece of ART!
 look at the details in the quilting ... the center is a HUGE sunflower
 those one inch squares are something but the curved petals... what talent it takes to make something like this... and it is 100% hand made by my aunt and sue ...both women will tell you that they are NOT that talented but the ART speaks for its self they are AMAZING!
 the design up the side just leaves me breathless
 NOW dont you think these TWO just look amazing together on my bed :)
 I am so happy daily when I walk through my room and HAVE to run my hand over the quilt to FEEL the texture of it.
 and yes I could blather on for hours about the beautiful quilts.

is this just not a feast for they eyes?? i so wish you could touch and feel the textures of the cross stitching and quilting.... and smell too as some one male has picked this up and it smells ever so faintly of his very delishous cologne:)
 the back is amazing too the bright yellow and amazing quilting.....
ok I will let you drool on your on now... have a wonderful tuesday!

At 1 pm I realised that Halo had a dr appt at 230 so i kicked into high gear (i thought it was tomorrow) GAH.... I made it to the school by 2 picked up Mj and headed to the dr....
Halo is 22 1/4 inches tall , 14  1/4 inches around her head and 10 pounds 1 oz.!  she has gone from the 5th percent to 50th!  go girly!
she is right on track and growing as she should.
She also got THREE SHOTS and her Oral Polio vaccine.... OWIE... Mj had to leave the room so grandma stayed with a very unhappy baby.
Have a great night!


TSannie said...

Beautiful baby and gorgeous quilts!

Mental P Mama said...

All of it is a feast for the eyes!!!

Bluebird49 said...

Love those quilts, they are so many hours of beautiful work--and I've never met a baby I didn't love!

Chris H said...

Halo is gorgeous!
so is that quilt, you lucky tart!

my las two boy's birth weights were 10.12 pounds and 10.4 pounds... so Halo is still TINY !!!

Karen Deborah said...

Wow the quilts are gorgeous. I love quilts too. your wee baby is a doll and those pics are priceless!!!
Poor babies getting shots....