Sunday, March 20, 2011

on Monday

Bradley has to go to the burn center clinic and have his donor skin put back here it belongs, he has been really good about not bothering it yet and we are keeping the benadryl in him for the itching but, when he sleeps he wallers, and has managed to get the front piece all wadded up into a line and I was not about to take the bandages off and try to get it back on right since I have not seen it with out the bandages all the way yet and the risk of infection while fighting to hold him still and get it back on correctly is not worth it.  The Burn center told us that as long as it was not bleeding or smelling of infection he would be ok until the morning, and to keep putting the burn meds on the exposed corner.

He has been a wild indian for the last 24 hours... or longer, since surgery... all three spent the night here last night which was a really good thing on so many levels as we had major storms last night with 2.5 inches of blinding rain, stephanie could barely see the road except for when it was lightening flashing, as it was coming down so hard. and of course Bradleys head can not get wet... HE IS MISSING HIS BATHS...

Cory slept 10 hours which is the longest he has slept in ages at one time.

and I hope that it was a relief to Stephanie to know all she had to do was wake me if she needed help with Bradley. 
Tonight they are at home, and after Bradleys clinic appt, he will come stay here till tuesday when she gets off work.

This has been so hard for them in so many ways... I think the realisation that as smart as he is he is still just a baby hit them... well HER it has... Cory, God Bless his heart (if you are from the south you know WHAT I mean) is just trying to tell himself over and over that its all ok.

In the mean time they both have missed work and stepanies missed school, of course they both work the kind of jobs  that do not have sick time or what ever so when living pay check to pay check thats another stress that is added and,

HOPEFULLY they will finally understand WHY I am so tight with money, I pay my bills and THEN if there is anything left do something I want or buy something I want... and I plan and try hard to save for emergencies... I have tried talking to ALL my children since they were big enough to speak to understand that lifes hard and it is HARD WORK to survive.  I have tried to SHOW them by example but, they have not understood... that we did without so they could have and do as much as possible and we Have spent 24 years WORKING HARD to get to where we are today.

anyway THANK YOU ALL AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN for the prayers and calls and texts and messages and everything because I KNOW that My true friends and family are living in my computer.  THERE is SO MUCH GOOD to be found online that is is simply overwhelming at times to think...

anyway heres a pic to enjoy....
Bradley took it himself... and sorry I did not take any last night or today but MICHAEL, GOD BLESS HIS HEART... Nearly drove me to drinking with his worrying and reactions to every move the child made.... even demanding that I sit beside bradley and WATCH him sleep ...but, his hearts in the right place.

TA TA till tomorrow.  and thank you again!
love and hugs  ME.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

OH MY!!! I'm updated and on my knees in prayer of thanks that Bradley is faring so well. Dear me! How scary! I had five kids and only one contended with a teensy burned hand on a kerosene heater -- SUPER MINOR but . . . I remember those screams!

Prayers for ALL of you. Praise the Lord for your nursing -- sounds like everyone involved needs a bit of TLC.

Hugs to you, sweet Peachy.

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Oh gosh I was just sick when I saw that Bradley was at the burn center. I didn't know what had happened. Thank you God that it was not much, much worse. Thank God for Grandmas and Grandpas that are there to help so much!

Chris H said...

I can rest assured that you and the rest of the family will do everything to make sure our wee Bradley heals well.
It is times like this that I wish I was not so very far away... otherwise I would be around there so quick to help you out any way I could.

Give Bradley a special kiss from me will ya?

Karen Deborah said...

I want to echo all these sentiments. I wish I could help too. you are a great nurse Peach. I'm so grateful that your family has YOU! When I think of how cruel your own childhood was and what an awesome mother and grandmother you are, it brings tears to my eyes.
Get some rest yourself. Looks like Bradley is feeling pretty good with all these grinning pics he takes.
I hope so. Prayers going up.

Paxie said...

I hope today goes easy and hope you can get in some rest occasionally. Wish I lived even closer, or that I could drive that far and be of some help.

So very relieved Bradley, with time is going to heal and never remember this. Parents will never forget of course.

Love you sweetie and you and your family are in my prayers constantly. ((Hugs))

Tiggeriffic said...

Oh my goodness,,,poor Bradley.. Burns are not fun and they hurt so bad.. I had to go back several posts to read what had happened..
Good thing they have you to be there to help out.. Tracie, my daughter is so thankful that I help her with Ben..
email me and let me know how far you are away from Columbia South Carolina.. Wouldn't it be great if we could just get together for a cup of tea/coffee for a little bit?
my email address:
Have a Tiggeriffic Day...ta ta for now from Iowa..:~)

Bluebird49 said...

Same here--glad he's going to be okay and is healing now (early Tues AM.)

Long days here, too.