Thursday, March 10, 2011

irritation and things...

Stephanie sent me this pic said, "I made a wig in school and it will only fit Bradley"
He sports it well :)
I had my bubbie yesterday and my Halo too... Bubbie started running a fever in the afternoon... poor guy is cutting molars.  His daddy said he got up holding his jaw.  Halo is good as gold as always such a sweet good baby she is starting to stay awake a bit longer... and loves the swing when Bubbie will let her swing in it.

Now I must moan and pout a bit... Those who have stuck by me for ages know that I moved to this blog a few months back because of the photo limitation issue with google.... well guess what after going through picking 49 of the 190 photos I took while up north and spending over 2 hours trying to load them... I have AGAIN filled my allotted free space... so... I did purchase extra space but it wont be available until tomorrow... NOW dont get me wrong I do realise this is ALL MY Fault... as I had to have a better, newer camera with many more mega pixels which in turn take better pictures but also takes much more space.  

I must say when I print said photos I am very pleased... most of the time... in fact I have some adorable ones of the kids hanging on the fridge and there was an entire board at the funeral of pics I had taken which also made me happy since my kids and grand kids could not be there.

But Dang it all... it is soooo irritating to spend so much time 35 of the 49 were in the little prepare to pick box when BLAM all gone...not only that but to then go ahead and pay for the space only to be told it will take 24 hours... GAH I simply dont WANT to understand/ accept how it is that we can use a credit card it is an instant removal of funds from our account but a credit or application of said funds will take from 24 hours to a whole blooming month?  GAH

anyway maybe its a good thing and I can cull down my selection of photos even more and will pick less to put here on my blog... sorry to those who will miss out on all of them but IF you have a facebook account and are my friend I loaded 140 plus of them there :)  and you can see them all.

well, My kitchen is a mess and Halo is waking up and I am being super lazy... ok I fib not really being lazy have done 5 loads of laundry (all was done before I left) and I did cook just did not bother to clean yet. and Must go to the grocery store this afternoon when martha gets home from school.... so... anyway got stuffs to do...
Hope you are all watching Idol this year the contestants are awesome !

have a great day!  God Bless :)


Tiggeriffic said...

Bradley is so cute with that wig on.. I love his smile.
Glad Halo is a sweatheart and a good baby..It always helps out when you have one child that behaves.
Sorry you are having all that problem with the pictures.. Geez oh Pete~!~
Well have a tiggeriffic day~!
Ta Ta For Now from Iowa...

Flea said...

Not an idol fan. Definitely a Bradley in a wig fan!

TSannie said...

More folks seem to be having photo storage problems...That bubbie...too cute!

Paxie said...

My pitiful photos give me no problem loading, but I am so jealous of good photos.

No, I'm over the Idol thing. Big Bang, Grey's and Private Practice.

Bradley is a cutie!

TonjiaT said...

OMG Bradley is just adorable in that wig! Save this picture to show his girlfriends. LOL

I am the worst picture taker, I always forget and leave my camera at home! I should have enough sense to take pictures with my phone but I dont do that either..

However, I love looking at your pictures, I am glad you are going to be able to post more of them!