Tuesday, March 22, 2011

in search of hats

this was the night Bradley came home (sorry forgot these were on the camera) his "turban" was rather sloppy and bulky but their hope was to have extra padding and hopefully keep it ON.
Bradley had eatten what was on his plate pushed his plate away and gotten down from his chair, when he decided daddy had something he wanted... he ate nearly the whole thing :)
 Yummmm fried chicken...gee i see the film of little boy finger prints on my lense... IMAGINE THAT!
 Martha finally got Halo to smile for the camera, shes a stingy little thing with her smiles and usually they are gone before the camera can capture them.
 she was laughing here... silly little thing.  today shes got a stuffy nose and is misrable, Grandma had to show mommy how to put saline drops in the nose then suck them out... and then we headed to wally mart to get some drops and baby vapor rub for halo... the pollen is insane here already.
 Mommys hair has gone NUTS and grown longer and BIGGER if thats possible... when martha was a baby her hair was just like halos, then it came in WHITE until she was about 6
 this is yesterday after the burn clinic appointment ... the new head dressing is a million times better and he was BOUNCING off the walls until 1 am when mommy finally got here to get him from work.  TODAY she was off work THANK GOD cause Grandma is BEAT!
 Bradleys favorite thing now is to see if we can catch him... umm mNO we have to trick him into getting close enough to grab on .... he is FAST!  AM so seriously considering a leash.
hes doing well and wont  go back to the burn clinic until next Tuesday....

WE are in search of HATS that TIE under the chin as bradley will have to wear them for at least 2 years to protect the tender skin as it heals... so if you know anyone who knows how to make them or see some in the stores in your area they need to be as cool as possible cause it gets hotter than hadies here... has been upper 80s already this week... and loose to a point I have in my mind hats like gilligan wore, loose floppy ... I did look here today at ball style caps but all were too big and no ties of course... plus many were the mesh which i am not so sure will protect his head... anyway any and all leads or ideas are so welcomed.  and IF you should find something you think will work I will gladly pay for it and shipping :)
Love n hugs and happy what ever day it is :)


TonjiaT said...

Love that smile of Halo's!!!

MJ's hair is just like Breannas, so curly and thick. They wont appreciate it until they are older..

Laura, have you thought about looking on etsy.com for hand made hats? some of those seamstresses there can make anything and will gladly do custom work.

Paxie said...

Bradley looks like all the Arabs I'm seeing on TV. Completely normal LOL

I will be on the lookout for hats. Gilligan style with straps. Everyone looks happy and I'm sure so relieved!!

Halo's a beauty!!

Rest Grandma :)

Flea said...

Bass Pro Shop will probably have the kind of hats you need.

jojo said...

Those kids and their smiles just melt my heart..;j

Chris H said...

Halo is so cute.. Martha's hair is gorgeous.
As for hats... surely the Burns clinic would know what sort of hat would be right and where you can get them?
I hope you find something suitable... and can get Bradley to actually keep them on!

Bluebird49 said...

Laura--do you know whether the hats need to be made with cotton, or acrylic or wool? Wool sounds hot I know--but it does let the air in and out. acrylic and cotton are washable--but cotton that you knit or crochet with is usually still like a dishcloth that some one knits might be--so I don't think it would stretch. When Mama is more out of the woods--I'd like to try and figure out what size and try to knit something suitable.

Great pitcurs of the kids--and Martha's hair--OH MY--I'm jealous. (Lord, forgive me--I'm not really---but gee--with my old, thin, fine brittle straight hair--who woudln't feel a twinge??)