Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29 a monumental day in so many ways.

Today is my dads 36th anniversary of his 39th birthday!
I love you
And am still a bit confused as to your math at times since i will be 44 this year!
(dads the one sitting trying to ignore me taking his picture)
 Yesterday Martha sat with the babies and we tried to capture some good pics but the camera is a tad slow here lately so this is after the kiss :)
 Halo is SOOOOO her mothers child... only such a good sleeper.... she has to be woken up here most days... shes a talkative little stinker when SHE wants and is still super stingy with her smiles.
 Last night Bradley spent the night with us,  He and papa played for quite some time... spin the lids... I have some video its pretty funny Bradley picks up the lids carries them to papa and GRUNTS for more. 
 papa is a good lid spinner...
 today Bradley had an appointement with the burn surgon, cory sent me a text said another week of cone head SO we have a new dressing I am sure... will find out tomorrow. 
I got this shirt for bradley last fall in savannah ... it cracks me up everytime i see it ... and it finally fits him.
"I didnt do it, nobody saw me do it, I wanna speak to my GRANDMA"  then savannah Ga is what it says LOL

TODAY Little Missy is 3 months old... she weighs in at... ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?????
any betters out there... care to guess... win a carnival prize???
 12 and a half POUNDS!  little CHUNKY MONKEY!  Shes wearing Bradleys hat for pics its just too  cute... THANK YOU AUNTIE NESSA.  she is 22 inches tall maybe 22 and a half its so hard to measure ... but her 0 -3 months clothing is getting tight...
love them big ole cheeks and double chin... wish mine was half as cute. :)
well thems the updates for the week
I am tired and got a road trip coming up soon!  wish i could trade in my right leg andknee... everytime i think its getting better it shows me I am NUTS.  
anyway thank you all so much for the prayers cards and gifts they ALL mean so much to us.  LOVE YOU
God Bless!


Que said...

The polka-dot hat pics are the BEST!!!

Karen Deborah said...

This a great news post! I love seeing that fat little chin too and Bradley seems to be doing well. Isn't it amazing how much fun pots and pans are? Who needs toys?

Paxie said...

Precious, adorable and PRICELESS!

Love them all :)

Mental P Mama said...

So happy to see these pictures. Every last one!

Chris H said...

Halo can not get any more adorable.. Bradley looks so happy, even with his poor wee head. Does it hurt him/bother him at all?

Chris H said...

Forgot... HAPPY 75th TO YOUR DAD.

TSannie said...

Happy birthday, great grandpa!

farmlady said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad.
Love and hugs to Bradley. He's such a trooper.
And that Halo... She's something. What eyes! what expressions! What a serious little girl.
Great photos....