Saturday, March 19, 2011

its been a rough 36 hours

warning. there are some very painful graphic photos ahead.
ok with that being said read on as I decided to start with some better moments in the last 36 hours.
Halo stayed with us the other evening and she got some great papa time in, he usually does not get to see her because she is gone before he gets home or she is sleeping, she stayed up nearly 5 hours that evening.
 here you go Martha Jean the pic you have talked about since before she was born.  Papa holds all the babies and talkes to them... and Martha SHE IS A CARBON of YOU.
 Halo has lovely hands so tiny so perfect
 Bradley yesterday... GEE was it JUST yesterday??? Sorry  Great Grandma Jeanne, this out fit had to be cut off...
Stephanie was upset that he only got to wear it one time.  told her not to worry about the outfit just be thankful.... OK for those who are not facebook friends or have not heard what happened last evening... buckle your seat belts and honest ya'll I put a few really graphic pics that I have not put on facebook because I have family who read here and not there that want and need to see.  so anyway here goes
 Last evening about 530 545 pm we are not exactly sure ... Stephanie was cooking supper she had potatos boiling on the stove and Bradley was in the other room with his daddy.  Cory went to the dining room to see if she needed any help and thought bradley was with him, but mr fast and busy actually was in the kitchen between his momma and the stove as she was preparing to drain the potatos.  He grabbed the boiling pot and was pulling it off the stove, Stephanie Grabbed the pot and tried to throw it across the room away from him but some of the boiling water splashed out onto His head.  Cory saw it all happen as if in slow motion and Ran grabbed bradley and ran to the shower to put him under cold water.  He then called the ambulance service he works for but they did not have a truck close enough so they called 911 the fire dept was there in a couple minutes the ambulance maybe 10 minutes.  bradley and stephanie were carried to the burn center (THANK GOD we have the best burn center in the entire south east )
It took several hours to get pain medicines for bradley ( cory had called me and I got to the ER before Him) I apparently drive way too fast ... SHUT UP DAD... anyway bradley was finally given tylenol with codine and it worked wonders on his pain level.  you can see the burns in the front of his head but his hair covered alot, He had surgery this morning and they shaved his head from below the crown on the back of his head,  forward.  He thankfully only has second degree burns (the surgon said after surgery) and they used donor skin to cover his wounds... thank you all organ donors you just dont know who when or how you help someone else.
anyway this was last night ....AFTER drugs,  before drugs was pure torture.

 this nurse was AWESOME with bradley and Aunt schlena sitting behind the dr was the first to get a smile from bradley, he loves her :)   Bradley was enjoying getting the nurse to let him do what ever he wanted ... especially after they put in the iv.
 Bradley was a bit drunk and thankfully no longer screaming..  momma and daddy were hanging on by a thread ... but they are strong kids and will be stronger after all of this.
 After surgery this morning Bradley was so knocked out... I left to come home in hopes that they would be able to get some sleep... Stephanie told me when I got back that Bradley woke up before I could have left the building.... But he apparently has been pain free as he has had no other pain medicines as of 930 when I left to come home.
 this afternoon I picked Martha up and we carried some food that we know bradley loves, in the crock pot so he would be able to have heated food when ever he gets hungry.... He loves shades and procured marthas as soon as she sat down.... there was a cute little girl we saw in the hall who went home today, she gave bradley this balloon.  as with all my pics you can click to embiggen... the front of the temporary graft looks really good
 Bradley has figured out what to push to take a pic and took most of these him self
 he is a happy guy with a great personality and no bad burns will keep him down for long.... At 5 pm cory and stephanie left to take martha to work and to go home and shower and take care of some bills and Bradley and I wore the hall out walking RUNNING carrying his big singing balloon that sings DONT WORRY BE HAPPY and riding in the wagon, the nurses quickly saw a whole different kid than the one they had seen the day before and were pretty amazed.  and exhausted just watching me chase him...
 he rode 50 laps then pushed it as i held it back because he wanted to RUN.... by 7 i had to make him lay down with me and after some juice he finally conked out ... at 9 when cory and stephanie got back he was still sleeping... I hope for their sakes he sleeps all night.
Cory started puking this morning, I think nerves and stress and that foot long chili cheese and onion coney from sonic possibly gave him food poisioning... he was still throwing up tonight...but after the last round said he felt better so I hope that he has not thrown up any more. 

 Anyway I am so greatful to all my praying friends and friends all over the world who jumped in and called texted left messages and were there when I called them crying and flying to the burn center... YEAH DEBBIE I MEAN YOU! :)    anyway MY knee is screaming and so is my bed ... cant you hear it calling me???? I am going to go fall into it and hopefully sleep cause that hour last night and 30 minutes today just have not been enough.

There is a good possibility that bradley will come home tomorrow, Stephanie has to go back to work tomorrow and bradley and cory will be here with us... michael and i talked about it and who knows if they need to all three may stay here for a while.  but thats tomorrow.

again thank you all for the support and prayers we sure feel them :) God is good!


Ellen said...

So glad that Bradley is doing well. Such an awful trauma for him. And for all of you,

My brother did something similar - pulled a coffee pot (electric percolator type) on himself when he was about Bradley's age. My mom had to sleep holding his arm up in the air so the skin under his arm did heal together. Medicine has certainly come a long way since then - y the way, he's in his late 50's an fine!

Hugs and prayers to all of you, especially to Bradley and his parents.

Bluebird49 said...

Oh Laura--I'm so sorry. That precious little busy-body boy. He could have been----well, I don't even want to think about that--he's going to be alright, that's the important thing! Thank God.

I'm so glad you're near the burn center that's so good. It's hard to believe it took so long to get pain medicine for him--that's the only thing about him being so young-finding the correct dosage, etc.

Thank God that Stephanie didn't get burned! Thank God that Cory acted so fast--and they were both working to do everything right. Thank God for His hands on the doctors and for all the new things He's taught them to do. And for donors!

Thank God for Grandma Peach, too. Martha looks so tired-her eye even looks black in the picture of her holding Bradley. Is she not sleeping enough? Silly question---she's got a baby, and school and work--how can she sleep!

God bless you--I loved the pictures of Halo and her granddad!

Paxie said...

Kids bounce back WAY faster than the adults do. I know you are all exhausted, but it's so wonderful to see Bradley smiling and he's going to be okay. I have thought about mostly nothing else since you called.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers and this little strong boy is going to be just fine. They are super quick at that age!!

Anything I can do, please let me know. I'm planning on calling you sometime this weekend. I knew you had your hands full.

Love Mike and Halo photo...precious. Love ya hon and big hugs :)

farmlady said...

Poor Bradley. My God! What an awful thing this was for him.
I hope he recovers fast and that this never takes that smile away from him.
Hope Bradley's mommy puts the pot on the back burner from now on. This was a hard lesson for everyone.
You are such a good grandma. Take care of yourself and get some rest.
Love and Grits....

Flea said...

I'm so thankful that he's smiling and doing well. :)

In the Heart of Happy said...

So glad that B's doing so much better. That makes me happy. Sending you big hugs.

TonjiaT said...

God is good Laura, and he hears our prayers! Bradley is such a trooper, he will heal with no problem. What luck to have that burn center so close to you guys...

So thankful that he is ok..

Karen Deborah said...

OH GOOD GOD can I get my stomach out of the knots it's in now? This took me down memory lane to working in pediatrics. I hated seeing burned babies. Kids this age are so FAST! I had a baby this age who grabbed his grandma's hot cup of coffee. it went down his face and onto his chest. It was horrible. I know exactly what you mean about the screaming!!

Hopefully you will all get some rest. The hard part is coming when that starts itching him and you have to keep his hands off of it. but you Grandma Nurse Peach are up to the challenge.
The pics of Halo and Grandpa are darling.
Thanks for some cuteness. Those pics of Bradley and his big toothie smile are awesome. Can't keep a boy down for long. It's amazing.
Get some sleep good friend.

Chris H said...

I am so sorry I have just got to read this.. I actually cried when I realised Bradley was hurt. He is like a part of MY family.... as you all are... my stomache dropped with fright when I read and realised he had been hurt. So so sorry.... I hope he is now safe at home. {{{HUGS}}} to everyone.
Accidents like this happen so easily... I hope his Mum and Dad are not blaming themselves.

Angela said...

Well I came here to leave a comment to the question you asked me on one of my post and saw this...SIGH..i'm just so blown away by this precious boy's joy!!!!!!! Thank GOD for the healing power that has touched this precious wee one's life...I'm just in awe...Seems like even though this terrible accident happened, you definitely see God working in the midst of it all...((Hugs)))