Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Forward, Pioneer Woman, and Bradley :)

When I was up North I found Bradley a pair of Elmo slippers, He has not taken them off except to take a bath since I got home and gave them to him. He LOVES Elmo!
he is pushing boundaries like crazy, He knows better than to climb on the table... yet he still does it.
He was sitting in the toy box, Which is totally acceptable, talking to me I assume telling me about the book he was "reading"
then he gave me "THE LOOK" .  Bradley has started this look when you are doing something HE thinks you should not, like taking 50 thousand pictures of him!
then he pointed and said NO NO NO NO NO NO lol. 
Today (Saturday) The Pioneer woman came to town and I went to see her and have my books signed :)
originally it was to be held at the library but they moved it to the Savannah Rapids Pavilion, it is so beautiful out here.
the locks are dizzying yet so relaxing and beautiful.
people come from all around to walk and bike down the canal to Augusta I forget exactly how far it is but several miles.
It's a place that I never get tired of visiting, my knee is not overjoyed at the hills however.
I had no idea that the DAYTIME meeting would be a discussion on home schooling but you know what with Ree even that is totally enjoyable.  I thought about going back this afternoon to the blogging and black heels to tractor wheels session but I think my week has caught up to me as I fell asleep at 3 o'clock and did not wake until 6 pm. 
I am so glad to finally gotten to see her in person and to spend my 60 seconds of time talking to her I am sure that given the opportunity I WOULD totally enjoy her as an in real life friend... I am sure that if she could figure out how she would take all of her fans home and get to know them all personally as she is just that kind of person.  
Hope you have had a wonderful Saturday its been beautiful here and 76 degrees are expected tomorrow... and hey dont forget to set your clocks up one hour it is SPRING FORWARD Time :) that is IF where you live observes daylight savings time.... I LOVE daylight savings and the LATE evenings with light :)


jojo said...

You had such a beautiful day there, please send it this way. I am hoping that Spring forward will actually bring some spring with it! take care..;j

Chris H said...

We will be turning our clocks BACK an hour soon I expect!
Autum is nearly here yet we are still swimming in the ocean! We had the most awesome day today... it really made us all so happy.

Mental P Mama said...

What fun! I want some spring!

Tiggeriffic said...

Sounds like you had a great time with your 60 secs with the pioneer woman.. How wonderful is that~!
How far do you live from Columbia, South carolina? I'm going to be there end of March..visiting my sister and brother.
Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Paxie said...

How cool you won the book and she just popped in to sign it for you! LOL Wonderful. I'm jealous.

Yes. Spring. Ahhhhhhh.

Flea said...

Squee! You met Ree! I only live about an hour from her. :(

Bluebird49 said...

Whoa--you got to meet Ree! I don't think I could do all that standing and waiting, but I'm glad you got to do it. I don't think she'll ever come close enough around here to even try. Her story--is amazing--to get all this from just blogging. of course, that degree probably helped her just a bit--and a lot of talent for communicating and photography. I know some people have a lot of sour grapes toward her, but I don't think she's gotten where she is just because she has money..she's just fortunate to have it. But she's certainly making her own, too.

Glad you made it home, and are back with the babes!(And your hubs, too.)