Friday, March 25, 2011

the power of prayer

Dad called me last night, he calls a lot but, he made me laugh and cry all at once... see my dad works crazy hours and holds groups for people who are new in recovery, as in alcohol and drugs.

 He asked me if I remembered what I said to him when I called about Bradley.  I called him while I was FLYING to the burn center before we knew what exactly happened or how bad it was.  He said that before he got hello out good I was telling him to pray.  He said, daughter do you know how heart stopping it is to hear that come out of your mouth before even saying what is wrong?  Actually I did not remember what I had said but, I do remember the NEED to get people praying fast. 

so dad who was walking into a group, told them all what was happening and they all prayed.  THAT IS GOD working to show people who have all but lost all hope, who are at a major changing place in their lives how it works.

you see, and I know my dad wont mind me telling so I will tell... new years eve 25 or 26 years ago, 83 I believe it was, my Dad came to see me for the holiday.  My dad and I are and were close even then in the depth of our dysfunctional lives.  we had been drinking / drugging buddies for many years... and I had recently found AA *yes I can break my own and dads anonymity* and when he showed up I told him I wanted him to go with me to an alkathon... He came and that night was his last night of drinking/ drugging.  There was alot of praying that night along with the fun of everything going on.

Dad has always believed in Prayer and since that night all those years ago we are each others best support and hardest critics there have been times over the years that we have helped each other in ways that most parent/ children can not begin to fathom.

 He is who I call 1st when life is overwhelming *after Michael of course unless it is Michael I am calling about HA*  He is who I call when feeling lost and alone and he keeps it real and does not hesitate to tell me like it is even when I don't want to hear it... and I do the same with him.

So apparently everyone who was there that night have been touched in a way they never dreamed possible because a little 22 month old boy was hurt and they were asked to pray.

I have never been one to push my beliefs on anyone but I also will say what I think and feel when I think and feel it with no shame and no fear because God gives me that strength and faith, even when things don't go as I think they should or things happened that I do not understand.  things like childhood cancer or suicide or abuse or so many things that simply do not make any sense as to why they are allowed. 

Anyway my thing in all this is that Prayer is powerful and I thank everyone who immediately stopped what they were doing to pray, people who know us either in real life or though the Internet and the people since who don''t know us who have been so kind so generous and all who have prayed.  I have always believed that praying not only helps the one you are praying for but you as well. 

May God bless you and keep you all all the time every day and remember when feeling lost, down, alone, hurt, sad ,happy, up, giddy with delight that someone out there is praying for you! 


Paxie said...

Amen sweet Peach!! and what you have with your Dad is priceless. I can see you love and treasure him.

My Mom was my rock. She was also a drinker, but not always. I sure do miss her.

YES, I do believe in the power of prayer and am still praying for you and your family...daily ♥

jojo said...

I am a huge believer that prayer can change people and I do it often! Take care...

TonjiaT said...

well said Laura!! We must never forget that there is only one thing more powerful than prayer and that is Gods love for us...
your dad sounds awesome.

lil sister said...

thanks sister. <3 this was just what i needed to read today. i love you! have a great day!

Mental P Mama said...

There is nothing better than prayer. Nothing. Love to you.