Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where does the ...

TIME GO?? seems like i just posted YESTERDAY ... YET, 4 days have passed by...
Sunday, I cant recall what we did... nothing much I don't think.
Monday, did laundry and  cleaned up and SLEPT.
Tuesday , went to get my hair cut by Stephanie :) shes cut it the last three times its been cut and does a really good job, plus she gets credit hours or school!
then I went HERE... to have Lunch with Laura
 this is what we had... and it was delish.  they cut and make everything when you order so uber fresh!
 that evening I took some pics... this ones for you Lori... Emma is a really BIG fan tail Gold fish... she is thriving well.. she just laid eggs and the pond STINKS  ....
 the plants are all in full bloom... and of course in the evening they dont look near as good as in the morning...
 the cucumbers are loaded!
 we have little green maters on all the plants but, one.
 more of the squash
 w ehave a bull frog living in the water fall... he best stay up there cause the Koi will kill him.
 the lilys are still blooming even with the fish beathign them to death laying their eggs.
 Bradley is a busy busy boy... he was having grapes and standing on the couch... he knows better ...tisk tisk.
 I decided to make some pumpkin banana walnut bread today... and they are delish!  will send most to work with Michael tomorrow :)
Keeping all my friends and family in the mid west in prayers cause these tornados are horrid.


TonjiaT said...

that sandwich looks amazing!!! and so does your banana walnut bread.

how is your weather doing Laura? You guys havent had bad storms have you? I know it can happen there..

smooches to Bradley! love your maters!

Flea said...

WOW. What a busy, busy household!

Chris H said...

Can't wait to see how many baby fish you get. And I hope the frog lives!

farmlady said...

You do seem to keep yourself busy, girl. Got a recipe for that bread? It looks yummy.
You must be getting some warm weather. Our veggies aren't doing much of anything yet.
Hope the tornadoes keep their distance in your area. Those poor folks in Joplin, MO. That's just sad what happen there.

Mental P Mama said...

You are too much! Sit down and have some tea!

Bluebird49 said...

Where DOES the time go? I didn't even realize this weekend was Memorial Day weekend til yesterday. We were at our son's and with the grandchildren--so anyway. We don't have any plans anyway--I may grill something, or not..probably not.

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

I had no idea the koi will kill the bullfrog--weird. The bullfrogs make the strangest noise.

Your bread looks good. Would you post the recipe sometime for us?

Bradley. Tsk Tsk. LOL

Paxie said...

Yep...good looking sammich!! And wow how your garden does grow. I know it's been rather warm there.

Bradley is a hoot and I know he keeps you hopping.

The bread? Drooooool :)