Monday, May 9, 2011

mondays mind mash...

As usual I have a ton of stuff rolling around in my empty head... and trying to give it some semblance of order is probably asking way too much.
I had this idea that refinancing the van would be a good idea, went checked into it and went so far as to having michael and I both sign all the papers... before determining that it was not only a bad idea but a costly one as well... so this morning at 9 am when the bank opened I put a stop to it and ended that horror running through my brain.
Saturday michael an I did absolutely NOTHING... it was a nice drama free day of pure lazy.
Sunday Michael got up early and mowed and by the time Bradley got here he was about done. We were not too sure how Bradley would react to the loud mower but as soon as he was out of his car seat his momma had to chase him down to stop him from running up behind Papa, so once she left I took him to papa and he mowed(rode the mower all over the yard for about an hour!  HE LOVES IT and does not want papa to help at all.
 they cruised all over the front yard
 and did not hit a single tree
 Bradley would smile and wave to me
 papa said he jabbered the whole time
 they took a short break but Bradley refused to get off the mower and tried to move all levers and turn the keys... little smarty pants knows papa moved them and they do something
 then they took off for the side yard and went around and around the trees
  Stephanie brought me two flowers and a card from cory, Later in the evening we planted them out in the garden
 the fish were busy swimming... its apparently what they do best
 papa and bradley came into the back yard, the garden is steady growing, we have to water every night as it is already too dry here... GAH
 for supper I smoked ribs on the grill... last year on our way back from missouri cory stephanie bradley and I stopped in lynchburg at the  Jack daniels distillary and bought oak wook chips from the ageing barrells to use to smoke food with... and OH MY STARS.... delish... Michael walked by the grill, claimed the grill popped open then asked me what I planned to eat for supper... HA YEAH RIGHT...
I also had bought some jack daniels honey bbq sauce... I love the flavor of Jack Daniels ... when I drank umpteen years ago it was always my first choice if i could get it... and if I drank now it would still be number one choice to me.... michael was laughing saying we would be drunk on the fumes... but rest assured we were not drunk when we pigged out... (we could only eat half of these monsters) but the flavor of the oak and whiskey was heavenly!

theres a bunch more floating about in my little head but I think halo is ready to ride and we all know business revolves around when the baby is content and we need to visit the store as we are out of formula and coffee mate .... and LIFE IS JUST WRONG WITHOUT THOSE TWO.

Oh for my praying friends... the man who named me peaches ... who would have been my father had my parents decided not to adopt me... is not doing well... he is suffering from congestive heart failure and his children have been called in to come see him as they believe his lungs are about finished... he told his wife he is happy, and tired, and ready to go home... He was the preacher at our church when i was little...
anyway  keep the hurts in your prayers as they go through this transition in life.
love n hugs


Chris H said...

What fun on the ride on mower!
Bradley is going to want to go on it all the time now.
OOO those ribs look so yum!
And sorry about your old friend being near the end of his life... but as we all know.. you are born to die and that's a fact.
sounds like he has had a good life.

Paxie said...

Bradley & Papa...priceless. Can't ask for more. Period.

The ribs made me drool. I cannot drink dark liquor, as I am part Cherokee, and don't want to kill you. LOL

Always go with your gut on the money thing. I think you do what's best :)

Glad you had a restful weekend and I will keep your would be father in my prayers ((hugs))

Sheri said...

Love the pics, those flowers are very pretty! :)

I'll help to pray for your friend too.

Midwest Mommy said...

I love mower pics! I have some of my daughter with my dad. They are some of my favorites

Mental P Mama said...

This post makes me happy. Except for Mr. Peach. I am sending prayers.

imac said...

Hi Ya, those ribs look scrummy.

Caution said...

I want to be your grandchild. Seriously!

Sassy said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Peach......I lost my Dad to congestive heart failure......=o( I love the pictures of Papa and cute and you know how I feel about your pond.....someday...I will be found sitting in it....probably in my dreams......sad isn't it.....that you are clear across the United States from me........and dang Gina those ribs look de-lish...I am so hungry right now........♥ ya!

TonjiaT said...

that little Bradley is the cutest thing on earth!!

So sorry to hear about your friend, Laura. He is in my prayers