Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am beginning to think....

that Martha does not want to graduate from school...
Monday she over slept then decided to go to Halos dr appt with me. 
Tuesday she went but if memory serves she was late,
Yesterday she skipped again.
its time for her to be at school and I have not heard from nor seen her this morning.
Tuesday she told me that school had ordered her cap and gown that she WOULD graduate IF she got her credit recovery done and a couple other things...
I dont understand her thinking...
I am not sure I want to.

Bradley loves his vacuum... He plays for HOURS with it
 and in between vacuum time he plays with Grandma... as you can see he is UP To SOMETHING...
 and, he smiles all the time even when shaking his head saying NO NO NO NO
 Cory is a favorite playground for Bradley... He adores his daddy... and his daddy adores him...
Corys lost alot of weight... and is looking very good and healthy.  Stephanie has lost alot too... I am proud of them cause I know that weight loss is a life long battle and one I have never come close to winning.
 Did I mention Bradley loves his vacuum and plays with it all day long???
well... Happy Thursday... Hope you have a wonderful day its a bit chilly here but I still have my windows open and am enjoying the chilliness... and might even have to go find a light jacket :)


Mental P Mama said...

Cory and Stephanie look awesome!!! And Martha id going to be Martha. Maybe the school will actually graduate her to be done with her;) Then she's all yours!

Paxie said...

Blogger ate my comment dammit.

Bradley is a hoot! Wish that was a real one LOL

Good for those two on the weight loss! Congratulate them for me.

Martha? She'll have to live with her stupid decisions. They all do. Sadly.

Glad you're trying to focus on happy, positive stuff ♥

Bluebird49 said...

Congratulations to the weight loss couple! They look awesome and I wish I had some of heir--well--whatever it[' taking to do it. I used to have some self-control and doggone it, I may find it again! (May!) It' so much easier when you're young. But I lost 75 about 13 years ago, and I've only gained about 16 back--still, I see how easy it creeps easily.

Oh Martha--please surprise us, and graduate, Sweetie!

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

I can't believe how skinny Cory looks--that's awesome for his health! Bradley looks good with lots of hair coming in and lots of vacuum boogying going on LOL

I was on my hands and knees yesterday trying to figure out why my vacuum isn't doing it's job, the dumb thing. I hate machines and they hate me!

And Martha? Well, my Grandma on my dad's side was 85 years old and still making the dumbest decisions I have ever seen. I was 13 years old and realized that she was the most selfish person I had ever met. Some people never do grow out if it, you just have to make sure you and little people that could get hurt aren't in the way when they free-fall, which they always do.

Oh, speaking of that, my niece that just called off her wedding has now purchased a one way ticket to go stay with Grandma and "see what happens" and try to find herself.

Um, you are 25 years old--LIFE HAPPENS. Why not get on with it and grow up!?!?

TonjiaT said...

maybe Martha should just take her GED test and be done with it? that could be plan B if she doesnt graduate.

Bradley doesnt even have scars from the burn! amazing!!

hey, grandmas dont need to lose weight, its a law :-)

Bluebird49 said...

Laura , if it makes you feel at all better, my grandson just turned 20, quit school 4 years ago and told us he as going to graduate "over the computer." Well-he lied--to us and his dad. Then we had to pay him to just get his GED. Now he's still living with his dad, NOT working or looking for a job, and is thinking that money is going to drop in his lap from the sky. His father can hardly get him to cut half the grass, nor can he get him to sweep the floor, not do anything around the house. And he thinks--his singing (screaming into a mike, words nobody can understand) is going to make him money somehow, someday. It's about to worry his dad and us sick, and we cannot make him do anything. I don't know if that helped you or not--but I just figured you'd see, it's not only at your house. At least Martha DOES work. Sorry I had to come back--but you're not the only one with this problem. I love my grandson, but his granddad and I don't have enough money to give him to throw away on CDs and Tee shirts and concert tickets. His father has Lymphoma, works all the time, but he has spoiled him to death and he wonders "Why can't I get him to DO anything??"

he thinks he's going to

Chris H said...

Sadly there is nothing you can do about MJ, it is her life to stuff up... and she's doing a REALLY GOOD JOB of it too.
Enough said.
Bradley looks well, his burn is all but gone!
His Daddy does look great!
Have a wonderful weekend mate.

TSannie said...

Bradley is just the cutest!

farmlady said...

Everyone looks great. Bradley's head looks really good.
His parents are doing the right thing loosing weight, now, while they are young. Good for them.

No comment on MJ. Keeping my thoughts to myself.
See.... I'm learning.