Monday, May 16, 2011

Saturday we had

Bradleys 2nd Birthday Party at the lake, it was fun and plenty warm enough to go swimming
This is Aunt KP and Bradley
 Papa and Bradley working on the party hats...
 I think Bradley got tired of sayign CHEESE for all the cameras that were there
 left to right is my step sons girlfriend (forgot her name) michaels back, half of Michael 2 matthew looking back Cory and Bradleys back  ( it think this is the only pic I got with hubby and both sons together LOL TYPICAL
 Opening presents L-R  Stephanies Aunt Debbie, cousin Clay  bradley and Stephanie
 Matthew was having hat issues.. he is 2 too and  had a big time playing with the toys
 matthew again... such a cutie pie (he is Michael 2's youngest step son)
 most everyone watching the presents being played with... Bradley got a bubble mower and they were trying to get it to make bubbles
 and the pic of the day... Marley (Debbies puppy)  he is just too darn cute.
 Bradley and his abandoned two mowers.... it was about time to go swim more.
 had to stop and get some daddy sugars
 Michael and Michael 2.  its funny when both boys get beside Michael... they are so much bigger than he is... corys taller than both of them.  (we dont get to see them too often as it is a 3 hour drive)
 aunt KP Bradley the back of cory and Little Michael (hes 5 and told us all he is 5 ... 5 million times... he is a sweet kid too. he is Michael 2's other little boy)
 and the star of the show... Badley :) 
 it was an absolutely beautiful day and the kids all had a big time playing in the lake...
 Did I mention it was a beautiful day... not too hot not cold ok a bit chilly when you got out of the water and the wind blew.... but that did not slow us down a bit.
 And Bradley again... he was one worn out boy when we left...must tell you the story... we were loading the van with some of his things as their car would not hold it all... when Bradley decided he was coming home with Grandma... He climbed into the back of the van and refused to come out and when his momma climbed in to get him he had a kicking screaming fit until she finally put him in his car seat... everyone had to come to the van to say their good byes to him.  when he and I left it was less than 5 minutes to leave the park and he was snoring as we went out the gate... he slept all the way home then woke long enough to have some milk before conking out again until 9 pm.... then back to sleep at 130 until 10 am LOL he had had quite the BIG DAY.


Alice said...

Happy birthday, Bradley! Love the pics! Tell Steph she looks fantastic with her weight loss... you can really tell!

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

So fun--thanks for inviting us to Bradley's party! What a sweet, sweet boy he is growing up to be. I am so glad to see him healed up!

I tried to comment on your last post but it disappeared. Just wanted to say I am sorry for the MJ trouble--I noticed they were not in the birthday party pictures :-(

Paxie said...

Looks like a fabulous time was had by all! You just can't beat family getting together to celebrate a darling little boy...Bradley!!

Chris H said...

So glad you all had a lovely day with Bradley.

Mental P Mama said...

Those pictures make me feel happy. I hope they do you, too;)

TSannie said...

So very sweet!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I want a bubble mower! And that photo of Marley is a riot. We had a dog who loved our garden produce and one day I looked out to see a crookneck squash hanging out of his mouth just like popeye's pipe.

Flea said...

LOVE the hat on the pup! And so glad all had a great time. :) It's fun to watch Bradley growing up.

Anonymous said...

well happy birthday to my sweet nephew..i do love him...i wont speak on issues from posts from before...i hope you all had fun.
mom, my phone is turned off right now- i have to pay the power bill off. itll be off through the weekened if an emergency occurs you know where my doorstep is.
love u

mj said...

BY THE WAY EVERYBODY-I GRADUATED. thanks for noticing, not like its a big deal or anything.