Monday, May 2, 2011

I've been a bit busy....

We got the garden in, and have been laying sod in the front, I have been adding and doing some puttering in my flower garden, read a couple books and of course keeping the babies...
Bradley and I went shopping and got some great deals, we got a little gym thingy for Halo to lay under and play with and assorted rattles and chewy toys. For Bradley we got a new "glowey" his old one we think got left at the hospital and he loves his glowey... and we got him a Bradley sized vacuum... that boy cleaned a million miles of floors on sunday (I so wish it really picked up stuff) but it is way too cute to watch him.
Caught him trying to compare his vacuum to mine,  translate that to TAKING THEM APART and seeing if they are interchangelable... yeah he is a HALL boy. they love to take EVERYTHING apart... and sometimes how it goes back together ... well its never the same again.
Friday Halo turned 4 months old.  she is 24 inches long and 14 pounds now :)
She got her second set of shots today (her mommy RAN out of the room when the nurse came in with needles) the nurse laughed and asked me how old she is... I said which one the baby or the momma ... she said the momma.
Bradley will be 2 on Saturday! wow where has the time gone???
I decided to see if we could refinance the van last week, kinda on a whim but hey anyway that you can save some bucks ya know... well today got that done, paid our taxes(home) and paid a old bill that I have procrastinated on for a while, went to wally mart and picked up some things and STILL FORGOT the darn batteries... and went to lunch with Martha and Halo, we went to the cracker barrell and I had the ruben ... I love a good ruben. 
and, being the GOOD DAUGHTER that I am... *cough cough* I managed to send off mothers day cards today to my mother, step mother, and aunt.   I am ususally VERY late.
took these pics the other day when I dropped off Martha and Halo after lunch... or was that just yesterday?  beats me I tend to forget what DAY it is...
 Halo refused to Smile... she is tight with her smiles, she did finally give the dr one today though... a quickie
 Poor baby looks just like her momma, HA ha and like her grandma did as a baby...
now I have to do a small rant... I am amazed and apalled and... very mixed in my own emotions on how we as a people and nation are reacting to the death of bin laden... I am glad he is gone but I cant make myself celebrate it... I am Proud of our military and so glad that they were not hurt in this battle, But, I am still scared for the troops sent out today( from fort Gordon) and who are still there fighting this war.  I am somewhat apalled at how people are reacting to OUR president ... it is no secret that I am not a fan of his or even a big supporter but he IS OUR president and even though he did not pull the trigger he did have to order it to be done and it is a GOOD THING for our country that this evil man is gone.  Anyway I have a billion more thoughts burning a trail through my head and heart and I guess in the end I can only ask myself ... what would Jesus do?  how would he react? How would he feel, and base my answers for ME on what I believe the bible tells me.  anyway, Happy Monday and Hope you have an awesome week :)
God bless you and keep you till we meet again!


jojo said...

that girl is getting so big! Our little peanut just turned two months and is still under 10lbs. She eats quite well too but no little rolls of fat on that one. I was born with rolls of fat and I still have them.

So agree with the 'celebrating' thing. I like your verse on FB, I put on a quote from Martin Luther King Jr and it will probably elicit some negative comments! I'm all about God and country but this just feels wrong to me.

farmlady said...

Nice to see a photo of MJ and her baby Halo. Cute!
I have a feeling that Ben Laden's death will not be the end of terrorism. There will always be another angry man that will lead men toward doing horrible things.

Mental P Mama said...

Love the pics!! And your productivity makes me feel lazy!

Paxie said...

Adorable babies you have there and I see you are catching up on getting things done. It feels good doesn't it? I'm trying.

I'm in the middle of a big panic thingy so I can't make an intelligent comment on much lately.

Love ya always :)

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Glad to see you back--I was just going to check up on you!

I have mixed emotions about the whole Bin Laden thing. If you can't kill them, what do you do with the evil men that get caught? I remember when they killed Ted Bundy the serial killer--I felt bad all day.

Not because he was dead, but because human beings had to do it to him. He deserved to die for killing all those girls, but it felt wrong to me that people were so happy and celebrated when they killed him.

I am sure I would feel differently if one of my family members was killed on 911 though...

Chris H said...

I could never stay and watch my babies get their injections too!
I even cried sometimes.

Halo is so cute, such a shame she isn't a smiley baby.

Bin Laden... yep an evil man who finally paid the price for being an evil person.
I do worry that his supporters will retaliate somehow.

Tiggeriffic said...

Oh it's so good to read your blog. I have been so busy I just don't get to visit my favorite blogs.. Good for you in getting your garden planted. when I get home on the 17th of May I'm going to need you to come to Iowa to help me get all my outside work done. Just got a message from Sweden.. it's snowing.. Yikes~!
I love MJ's picture and Halo..
You need to buy Bradly one of those vacumns that they use in restruants, it doen't have a motor it just has a little roller brush underneath and it picks up the dirt.. plus a handle to push and pull...
Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

TonjiaT said...

That Halo is growing like a little weed! MJ looks great too, being out of the room when Halo gets a shot is ok. In fact I encourage new moms to step outside, its usually better for the baby.

I share your feelings about Bin Laden. I tried not to rejoice like some people did. I kind of feel funny about being happy over someone losing their life.

I think as a country we need to all be supportive of our president right now. there will always be time for pre-election discussions about performance where he is concerned, but this is not the time.

just my humble opinion. ;-)

Bluebird49 said...

Halo is such a cutie! It won't be long before she's helping Bradley vacuum, I'm sure.

I won't get into the UBL thing.

Glad you're feeling better and that you've got your yard going like you want it. I'm so glad you're not having floods and all where you are.

Sassy said...

I agree with everything Chris said............I am so glad to finally see the baby Miss Halo!!!!!