Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Bunch of... stuff

Saturday, Martha Jean graduated from high school!!! It is anaccomplishment that I was not sure would come to pass.  Here the schools all hold graduations at the James Brown Arena in Augusta.
I personally dont care to go down there but seem  to go on a semi regular basis for one thing or another.
 Schlena, Becca and Malorie went with me.  we ended up sitting all the way at the other end of the arena... I think it will hold 6000 but it may be more... anyway the top pic  (remember you can click any pic to see an embiggened shot.)  anyway  it was pretty hard to see who was who ect from where we were sitting.

My little Kodak camera does a bang up job taking pics from far away.... I got this shot as she exited the stage
 I had gotten seperated from Schlena and becca and decided to get in the shade across the street, closer to the parking lot... to wait for them to find me... They found Martha and brought her out with them... we took a couple pics and looked at halo as martha did not let any of us hold her... then we left.  Yes the sperm donor was there... the way we figured out where he was sitting was by hearing Halo crying... from a huge distance away... he was sitting with some people we thought perhaps his parents and grandparents... one woman we thought was his mom took halo and tried to calm her... it took a monster dose of will not to go get her... but anyway we all found out later when martha asked him... that they were strangers who just happened to sit by him and halo.  I dont know how much will I actually have... to have her there beside me yet unable to hold or comfort her... thats asking way to much of me.  anyway Schlena took this pic... and it was very tense... but, is a nice pic of us... we dont have many in the last years ... so am glad to have it.
 last evening I wandered about the yard taking pics.... the fish are laying eggs... and the pond SMELLS BAD... FISHY.  they will eat 99% of the eggs... lucky is the only fish we have ever had to survive in the pond, that was hatched there.
 my snap dragons that survived through the winter have tons of blooms  about to open... but these are just beautiful.
 love this one too...
 the dragon flies posed for me... love the details of their wings... so amazing.
 i got two of these plants at the grocery store... have no clue what they are.... anyone have any ideas??
 one of my hostas is fixen to bloom.... here is what it looks like ... i think when the flowers open they will be a purplish blue....
 Cory got me this plant for mothers day... it was full of pink flowers now they are dead heads... and I am not sure if i should pop them off like I do marigold heads.... again does anyone know???
 was sitting on the porch with michael... and happend to see this guy  in my peace lily... so grabbed up the camera and zoomed in!  I love these little lizards they are just too darn cute.
 this dove posed for a bunch of pics this is one of the best ones... they are so pretty!
 i want to hold him and squeeze him and pet him name him George and set him free :) 
 some have asked about the straw bale garden that we are doing this year... its growing like crazy and whats even more crazy is the ones we planted in the ground... are doing even better.  All of the plants have blooms we have some little green tomatos on and i found blooms on all the squash, peppers and even one on one of the cucumber plants... I am so excited to see what they do...
its a cool... 95 degrees out there at 6 pm... GAH we are already short on rain this year... and of course watering everyday....

and the big news of the weekend!
Bradley Pee'd on the potty!!!!!!! GO BRADLEY!


TSannie said...

Small victories...congrats, mama!

TonjiaT said...

Yay Bradley!!!! he is growing up so fast!

Martha looks good, and I am glad you had the picture taken with here. Despite the tension, its still worth it.

you guys have the greenest thumbs of anyone that I know!! I am in awe!!

Have a wonderful week Laura.

Paxie said...

Congratulations to Martha and I'm glad you got a few photos of the big day!

I agree. You two can grow just about anything. The little creatures you can keep LOL except for the dove :)

It's a big deal for Bradley!! I'm sure he grins every time he does it LOL

It's going to be a hot week here this week. Kind of early...

Love ya!

Sheri said...

Love the pics and congrats to the grad. :)

Alice said...

So proud of MJ! That's an accomplishment. Proud of you for supporting her, Laura. It's not always easy...but kudos to you for showing up. That's the most important thing!

Bluebird49 said...

What Alice said. You have always supported Martha in all her endeavors. Yes--I remember the modeling school, all that. And for her to use Halo as a pawn in your relationship makes my heart so sad for all of you. You're an awesome parent, Laura.

I wish we had space for a garden!

Flea said...

Strangle that girl, but congratulations nonetheless.

The top plant looks like an ivy. The bottom like some sort of sweet william/dianthus.

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

I am glad to see MJ finished high school. It was very big of you to support her by showing up after all the terrible things she and the boyfriend have said to you. And to see him hand your grandbaby over to strangers to comfort--now that would have been my undoing.

It will be interesting to see what happens now that MJ no longer has the daily routine of going to school.

Maybe she will get a full time job and juggle day care, keeping up with housework, meals, grocery shopping, sick babies up all night, paying bills, griping boyfriends, diaper rash, taxes, medical appointments, teething, car problems, etc etc etc, all without the wonderful help of her ever-patient momma and daddy.

Chris H said...

Wow she actually graduated! Well done MJ... glad you got a photo together.
Sad you can't be with Halo.
Love all the photos... you are such good gardeners!

Anonymous said...

My sister in law always told me when kids are little, they step on your toes, when they grow up they step on your heart. I find that true! Keep going, she will wise up someday.

Caution said...

Add me to the list of people who admire you for being at the graduation. You're a good woman, Miss Peach. Wonderfully good.