Sunday, January 9, 2011

words defy me


Paxie said...

Oh my goodness. It doesn't GET any better than this, Peach!!!

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Baby sugars!

Chris H said...


jojo said...

you made my heart smile!

Debbie Jean said...

Don't ya just love it Laura? It's so sweet!!!!!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Sweet peaches don't fall far from the tree, do they?

These two are just PRECIOUS!!!

Halo is adorable. Bradley just keeps getting cuter by the day.

And you, my sweet peachy friend, have sent me hugs over the last couple of days -- and I needed them so. Thank you, oh thank you, thank you.

Much Love,

Next time I am in The South . . . can I come have some of your Mac 'n' Cheese? It looks SCRUMPTIOUS!!! I can take or leave a good sticky bun or cinnamon roll, but Mac 'n' Cheese (REAL STUFF only) stops me in my tracks! Yum!

: D