Monday, January 10, 2011

it's a monster mash

to play catch up from the weekend...

Friday Martha and I spent the day running, we both needed to go to the bank and stores and we picked Schlena up while she dropped her car off to have her brakes checked and we took Halo out on her first big date... we decided Red Lobster was in order as I have been craving crab legs. 

People were breaking their necks to see the little bitty baby out in public.  And it was very crouded... I suppose friday at lunch time was a bit busy... Schlena's car was ok just a bit low on brake fluid so by the time we had finished eating they had called and said her car was done. 
then we headed out to walmart to pick up some stuff and then home.

Saturday Martha decided to stay at home alone with halo and see how she delt with her by herself... apparently it went pretty well.  I got about 30 texts with all kinds of questions.
It was the first time Michael and I had a day of just us in ... longer than I care to recall... we did not do anything special we slept most of the day when the phone would allow.

 I went to Harlem and picked up some catfish dinners ... YuMMY... then we watched a couple movies... if you have not seen GOING THE DISTANCE with Justin Long and Drew Barrymore... you should it is hysterical... and we finally got to watch Tyler Perry's WHY DID I GET MARRIED TWO, I love Tyler Perry he is something special to be able to draw these interesting real life senerios from his past...and to put them together in a way that really touches.

Sunday martha decided to come over and do her laundry, we also had Bradley for our normal sunday sitting time.  It is so touching to see his interest in Halo, he likes to look at her and to  "help" with taking care of her... mostly right now of course she sleeps... well while at Grandmas she does.

Last night I decided to make one of Michaels (and many others) favorite meals.  Meatloaf and Mac n CHeese... I had the camera out and Michael asked me WHY I take pics of food ... told him about my FOOD PORN photo album on facebook... He laughed and ate... when he was done he said..."thats the best porn I ever ate"  then walked off laughing.

Last night ... It started to sleet, then snow
this was off the front porch about 10 30 ish last night,  the mess was not supposed to get her until after midnight. Michael and I were standing outside at 11 watching the guys from Georgia power working on a pole across the road, the hood was without power for a few minutes, I heard one of the men say somethign about a faulty something or other.  then they left and hopefully had a safe uneventful night. 

this morning Georgia (this part anyway) is SHUT DOWN we got maybe 1/4th ot 1/2 an inch of snow but... the ice started sometime this morning and everything is frozen over.  except my pond :) its icy but the running water keeps it open. 
this is what it looks like out front this morning, and it is very cold. 
Martha was to have her Dr appt this morning I had told her last night that I suspected it would be cancelled she said it wont snow... ha ha God showed her.

so then we come to this morning... I have not done an installation of parent texting in a while so here is todays...
from ME 9 12 am  : just in case you have not seen...everythign is closed until late tomorrow so dont even think of getting out in this everywhere... have a good day inside. :)
MJ:  10:02 am... yes mommy
ME. 10:02 am ... good brat.
MJ: 10:04 am....I wish I would have left Halo with you.  She's been up all damn night. Not even fussin she just won't sleep. she's still up.
Me. 10:05 am  tisk tisk shes your baby and needs to be with you.... making you earn the title of you though.
MJ 10:05AM...whatever... I like sleep.
ME.10:06 am  Hummmmm should have thought of that 10 months ago.  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
MJ 10:07 am...HUMPH

I am sorry for appearing to take some level of pleasure in this but...  I am.  I love my kids and UBER love my grandbabies... but I raised mine and am loving  when my kids get a not so subtle ... dose of reality. :)

anyway we are snow/Iced in and DH is sleeping ... Fort Gordon is one of most of the places in this area that is SHUT DOWN so... thats a good thing keep our men home safe with us :)

11 am... time for a moment of silence in rememberance of Tuscon... God I so wish we did not need this.  What a waste of lives and for what??? more signs of the end times.... It is very clear to me... Come Quickly Lord Jesus.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and if you must get out I pray you are safe.


Caution Flag said...

She is such a beautiful baby. Hope her mom gets a little more sleep, though :)

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Sleep deprivation--if more people truly understood the reality of it, there would be a lot fewer teens having sex LOL Forget about those dolls they make them carry around in high school to learn about having kids, make them go on the Navy Seals sleep deprivation schedule and tell them THIS is what it is like to have a baby. And it goes on and on and on....

BTW, still no snow here. Cold, but no snow. WEIRD.

Bluebird49 said...

We're supposed to get this gunk tonight. I'm supposed to see m Pain Management specialist an hour away, which we will NOT b going to if it's like this. We don't have all those snow plows the big cities do.

Sorry Martha's finding out about the sleep dep., it's what a mom goes through for almost the rest of her life--specially now and those "teen years"!
AMEN to your last paragraph! Talk about the world's problems being solved--at least for us Christians! Maranatha!Come quickly , Lord Jesus!

Chris H said...

WE are all drawn to newborns! Yesterday at the dental clinic with the kids I held a teeny tiny baby boy for his mother while she comforted her little girl (getting a fillling) ... the baby was 10 weeks old but only 10 pounds... he was a premmie. Oh so cute!
Halo is so cute ... snug as a bug... I hope she keeps MJ up HEAPS at night! LOL
Realilty is a B**ch eh? *smiles*

Mental P Mama said...

My Baby Bird never slept. Never. Tell MJ to get used to it;) Enjoy your snow! We are getting this one, too. And I am sick of it already!

Anonymous said...

I think Halo looks like a little angel in that picture!! I am sure MJ did fine with her, God gives us all a little bit of motherly intuition when it comes to our babies.

I hope this icy gunk moves out of there soon!! its so much worse than snow

Paxie said...

I'm also loving the "no sleep" and agree they should be sleep deprived before having sex LOL

Yum on the meatloaf and Mac!!

I'm with MPM...sick of the white stuff. Waiting patiently for Spring :)

Also TIRED of being COLD!!