Thursday, January 20, 2011

a day with the babies

Martha remembered to bring me the adapter for my Micro SD card (mines here somewhere but I cant find it) so I loaded 389 photos off my phone these were taken today
Bradley LOVES the bath, he says BA BA BA *long A there... when he wants a bath and Lord help you if you dont have time when HE is ready LOL... But like his momma said He knows he gets a bath after supper so why would lunch be any different?
 when i was YOUNGER and MUCH MORE FLEXABLE I sat like bradley does I love seeing littel kids sit this way it is just so cute and then they can play with toys between their knees.

Did I mention this boy LOVES the bath???
 Halo was sleeping, she is filling out alot now and I am willing to bet is over 7 pounds now... she was 6 pounds 15 oz last week at the drs.
 She has the longest softest itty bitty fingers... and of course grandma is wrapped all around them  :)
 she wont keep those huge eyes open with the flash... totally grandmas child  in that respect.
 she does not realise that she is NOT supposed to hold her head up for minuets at a time like this ... nor is she supposed to roll over to her stomach but she sure does...
today...was kinda funny in a way... Halo got her about 735, she was sleeping and Bradley got here at 815 ish... He played and played and finally fell asleep between 930 and 10 am, Halo woke at 10,  she was drifting back off around noon, and Bradley woke up starving at 12 15.... the afternoon was a bit more hectic as both were up and bradley isnt exactly jealous but he had to climb up on grandma and lay his head beside halos... he tries to pat her back and gives her sugars it is too darn cute.

well its coffee time so have a wonderful NIGHT and great Friday!


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Can't think of a better way to spend the day! : D


In the Heart of Happy said...

Awwww...they are both so beautiful!!!

Mental P Mama said...

Love that finger shot!

Paxie said...

What a sweet loving day you had! I'm with the finger photo!!

Chris H said...

They are both just adorable! Halo is filling out in the face and has changed a bit since I last popped over here.
We are on holiday, it's raining and I'm a bit bored! Home tomorow... yaaaa.