Thursday, January 13, 2011

snow and ice in Georgia

As you all know it has been what they are calling a winter situation here in the south.
We did not get a whole lot of snow... maybe an inch at most... it has been the ICE that has made things so very crazy here.
 the pond has not frozen solid as we have not lost power, and as long as the pumps are working the water continues flowing and only parts will actually freeze
 the part closest , the circle will freeze and actually still is frozen today
 this is the dog wood in the back covered in ice... it was actually very pretty
 Michael decided to crank  up all the vehicles on Monday/ or maybe Tuesday I cant recall which, and let them warm and get the snow and Ice off of them, he broke my plastic dust pans handle off as the cold made it brittle
 here you can see where Hank had walked through the snow before the ice came and where Michael walked and it cracked a bit but not much... this part was so slick that Martha's BF could not walk up it... we still are not positive how she made it up it.
 there were bunches of birds at the feeder but when I went out to take their pictures they all flew off except this one who came back to pose for me.
 the fish do fine in the pond all winter long they go dormant and if the pond SHOULD freeze solid you are not to break the ice as they could be hurt by it.  you simply melt with hot water an air hole... or just leave it be... 5 years ago when we were without power for 6 days we just left it alone and they all did great.
 these lazy bums are playing on the shovel... complaining about how bitter the cold is.
 more pics of the fish swimming about.
 and these two bums kicked back under the mushroom full of ice reading and collecting mushrooms :)
 We have STILL today got ice and icicles on the roof and half the front yard is still solid ice.
temps are to get down to 16 tonight... so anything that did manage to melt today will be solid frozen in the morning :)   Hope you all have a wonderful rest of Thursday and Happy Friday :)


Paxie said...

I don't like ice but I love the photos. David finally shoveled the driveway and now it is ice. There is a TINY patch of concrete showing.

Again. I don't like ice.

Steph said...

I can't wait for the big thaw!!!! This being trapped inside for a week is for the birds!!!! I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL!!!!! Well at least to teach, class not so much!!!!!!

Stay warm!!1