Sunday, January 2, 2011

the week in review....

on wednesday as you know we had a new baby come ...and there were some things that happened while at the hospital both good and bad so MJ before you get hostile at me... remember this is my place to vent you are welcome to use it but allow me my place to put things down as I see them... both GOOD and BAD.

I was very upset with mike at the hospital because of how he acts and treats my daughter.  as an after thought I think that SOME of it is simply  that he does not know any better or differently. 
so for the things that totally irked me.  Telling martha to "suck it up" while patting her on the head during massive contractions when she is crying in pain does not impress me and like I told her grab him by the balls and squeeze during a contraction and of course tell him to suck it up while he cries .... and the biggie that really hurt me is his leaving to go buy lotion for HIS Ashy skin when they are preparing to take her into the operating room... I will never forget that selfish act or the other that Mj knows and I wont speak of... all I can say is he needs to THANK GOD that nothing went wrong as we had already picked where to dispose of his body.....
for the good... He did stay at the hospital EVERY night and most of the time when he was not at work with martha and the baby... and he is totally enamored with Halo ... I hope that never changes.
my days are totally confused but the other day Stephanie called me and totally set me off ... I wanted to place her where we had picked to  place mike... she called me and told me that she, her mother and her aunt had decided that they would keep bradley during the week and I woudl have him only on the weekends... I was beyond livid.   There are so many reasons and so many levels that I disagree with this on.... but anyway yesterday I called Cory while waiting on Martha to be discharged from the hosptial and asked him what he knew and thought of the situation... and let him know how hurt and angry i was and why... it was a long rather LOUD conversation... but apparently points were made and considered and thought out ... so today stephanie and I sat and talked before she went to work ... and we have decided that her mom will keep bradley on mondays until tuesday afternoon because she has school then work then school again and since it is 40 minutes to drive out to her moms is is better for bradley to spend the night .... then wednesday through friday I will have bradley while she is in school i am not sure what we will do with the nights she has to work but we will work it out.  Her aunt (and her dad ) will have him saturday nights and he will be going out with them which is what that side of her family does every week and that will give bradley a chance to get to know all of them as well.  then sunday we will have bradley... and all times are somewhat flexable... WE as in her mom her aunt and myself will back each other up so to speak to help see that Bradley has what he needs and we are all able to do what we need to as well. 
Cory finally has a schedule and its a hum dinger.. he will be working 12 hour shifts 7 pm to 7 am ... its a rotation of 2 on 2 off 3 on 2 off i think... will have to check the calendar and see but anyway it may make things a bit less confusing for us all with him having a schedule.
Martha and of course the baby will be here during the days while mike is at work and at home when he is not until she goes back to school and work then WE will work out how we will be working things as well.

Michael got to meet Halo yesterday she wasted no time in wrapping papa around her little long fingers ... but I had little doubt as to how that would work but refused to say so until it actually happened because I know better than to say what SOMEONE else will do or how they will feel...

 Lori did make it down , she has had a cold or something and was pretty misrable most of the time due to being sick... she is on the road now heading back to missouri... when i last talked to her she was about half way or just past half way ...its making for a super hard long day for her especially since being sick on top of it all.

I had to laugh at the irony of my mother... as she has been refusing to get out of her room and since before thanksgiving Between her being sick and being herself I have only talked to her three times... of course she did have the nurse call me as we were leaving the hospital to bring martha and halo home and I had to lie and tell the nurse that I was bringing a friend home and would have to call her back later in the evening... funny enough she did not even ask later when I talked to her....people just dont understand why we have to keep halo secret from my mother and it is something I wrestle with alot but I know in my heart of hearts that it is for the best that she never know.  I think my cousin Marilyn (she's moms age and knows her better than anyone) said it best when she said Laura your mom does not know or understand unconditional love. 

anyway this is the super short version of whats been happening here on the Hall rollercoaster of life. 

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year and great rest of today :)


Paxie said...

Sounds like plans are coming together and I know they'll work out eventually :)

I hope you're managing to get some sleep and taking care of yourself. Don't forget you okay?

Glad you're not in jail for murder and hopefully things will settle down into a routine and Mike will get his act together? Well, one can hope LOL

Whew...remember, I'm a phone call away. Ear ready...

Chris H said...

Sounds like a very topsy turvey week... and one you really don't want to repeat I'm sure.
But, I feel everything will work out in the long run.. until the next drama happens.
AND it will... that's what families are all about!
Some good, some bad... but with love at the end of the day... well... except for rat shit baby daddy's.
And I don't mean Cory! *smiles*

Mental P Mama said...

You are surrounded by narcissists. And for that, you have my sympathy. Now we need more pictures;)

Bluebird49 said...

Oh, I have to say "ditto"! to MPM! I hope one day that will change. AND I agree we need more pictures. Also, Chris says there WILL be more drama--and there always is. And along with Paxie--I'm glad you're not in jail for the murder of ANYONE!!
I KNEW michael would love his new granddaughter--because unlike some people, he does know what unconditional love means. It's just that it's under terrible circumstances that I truly hope will get better-- along with hoping that the 'babydaddy' will continue to mature and "get it".

Karen Deborah said...

you know it's amazing that anybody who could make that stupid of a comment in labor and delivery could get out of there alive. I'm sure everybody had a few thoughts on that. Like you said maybe he's young and needs educating. The lesson you describe sounds like a great idea.
As for all the rest good LAWD you have so much crap you could be a new name for a fancy commode. Tain't fair! but then life neva is. You my dear are a trouper.

Coffee Bean said...

Holy Moly!!! That is A LOT of stuff going on! WOW!!! You definitely are an involved Grandma and you are in my prayers. Big Hugs!!!