Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday and saturday

Bradely is ALWAYS hungry when he gets to grandmas house on Friday evenings... so I ususally have something in the crock pot ready for him ...
 he loves meatballs and carrots ... he is VERY serious about his eating and very independant.
 and he is a HAM and can not stay too serious when the camera is out!
 he was asleep by 930 pm... and spent alot of time in the swing again... he loves that darn thing.
Saturday has been set aside to me a kid and grand kid free day... so its just michael and I getting to do or NOT do whatever we want... we were hungry so i decided to make these... Bacon egg and cheese puff pastries... YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY
 they are so simple to make... but I dont measure exactly ... i was telling michael that i am very lucky because each time I make something like this I always have EXACTLY the right amount of filling... since several have asked how they are made....
1 package of puff pastries... (two sheets) cut in to 4 squares each.
(have your innards made before you do the pasteries.

this was a pound and a half of bacon fried hard and drained well
7 eggs 3/4 scrambled, As in not all the way done they will finish cooking in the oven.
a big spoon of ricotta cheese mixed in the eggs... when they are nearly done
I had a piece of a block of cheese (sharp cheddar) i grated it... it made maybe a cup and a half ...
when the eggs are done, mix the cheese in and then crumble the bacon up in it ... then when you cut (i use my pizza cutter)the pastries, (have flour handy as they get sticky) take a fork and poke then turnover and poke all over ... take a big spoon of mix and put in the middle of the square, take one egg and a spoon of water, (i just dip my finger in the egg wash and put it on two edges)put the egg wash on, fold over and take a fork and close the edges. the dough is a little stretchy if necessary to make it close over the filling...I put them on parchment paper so they do not stick to the pan and you dont need any kind of nonstick gunk to mess with the bread taste.
when all 8 are done take the remaing egg wash and brush over the tops of all, bake at 400 until golden brown.
if any of that does not make sense or you want to try this and want clarification please feel free to ask... they are awesome when made with a pound of your favorite sasuage.
Friday after her bath... Halo was giving me the EYE... she has on one of her new sleep sacks...she (grandma LOVES them )
 Today... 1-29-11 Halo is one month old... we will weigh and measure her on Monday when she is here again and keep a record like we have with sir Bradley... who is due a new set too...
Happy Saturday and  Have a blessed weekend!


Ness said...

I can't BELIEVE how much Bradley has grown since I saw him in IL. Halo is a little beauty. Love her eyes.

Paxie said...

Food. Looks delicious! Such adorable babies and glad you're having a great weekend!

Flea said...

They're both such cutie pies!!! I measured my youngest child today (he's 13) and he's 5'10". Gah!

Anonymous said...

I am going to make those turnovers someday soon!

Halo is really focusing well, she has such cute expressions

jojo said...

those eyes!!
That little Bradley just makes me smile, he looks like such a happy guy..;j

Debbie Jean said...

You can sure tell those 2 little ones are loved. Bradley is getting so big, and so is Halo!! her big dark eyes are so pretty!!!
Enjoy them my friend.

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Bluebird49 said...

Babies are wonderful! But arne't Saturdays awesome , too!

And you had me with the bacon and egg pastries, but when you said RICOTTA!! I know I have to make them--and maybe with sausage--my husband would love them. But I'd like the bacon--so I'll do half and half. I know my son and his family would love these and I think they'd be a smash the next time we're together.

TSannie said...

Just beautiful babies, grandma!

Mental P Mama said...

They are too precious! Now I want meatballs and breakfast puffs.

Karen Deborah said...

Seems like last week that Bradley was the wee little one and now he is looking like a cute little boy! Halo has some big big eyes doesn't she? Please pass the plates! I just want somebody else's cooking, especially if it has pastry puffs.

In the Heart of Happy said...

Those puffs look so good. I love bacon, eggs, and cheese.

What beautiful eyes on both those babies!!!

Chris H said...

Bradley is so darn cute eating his dinner.
Halo... well there is only one word for her: ADORABLE.

Coffee Bean said...

LOVE the pictures of the grandbabes.

Holey Moley Woman... I am now like a raving lion in search of something good to eat only nothing in my house looks as good as what I'm seeing here.