Sunday, January 23, 2011

weekend wrap up

Thursday Bradley decided to "help" with the vacuum,
 then he decided that it makes a better drum than vacuum.
 He loves anything that will make music for him, he still plunks on the piano when he is here but, if I get the camera out he runs to it.
 I have Halo while her mom is in school and decided to try to get some pics on Friday, It is cold here in the south so we snapped a few shots while changing her.  The flash did not go off on this one
 but this one it did.  She was working on eating her fist.   oh I love those rolls and creases on her arms....
 so I had to hurry and get her dressed so she could eat.  Shes a growing girl and eating 3 oz at a time sometimes even 4 oz
 those big big eyes will follow you and enchant you :)
 shes gettting an extra chin, and her cheeks are filling out some,  I love baby rolls.
 and FEET... baby feet are just delishious
 These cinnamon buns are almost as good as baby feet, and have about a billion more calories, but WHOS COUNTING RIGHT?
 this pic is out of order it is before they were baked, they were just finishing up the second rising
 Bradley and I shared some... and OH MY HOW YUMMY!
 He was asking for MORE.  they are ewwwwie  gooey bites of total bliss.....
My Sweet boy is gone home now and we will see him again Wednesday.... Hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend!  God Bless.


Mental P Mama said...

Such sweeties!!!

Debbie Jean said...

Precious lil grand children. I so envy you, for getting to be around yours so much. Enjoy them!!!!!
Those cinnamon rolls look so good!! Oh how I would love one with a nice hot cup of coffee. Yumm!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

jojo said...

you got yourself some beautiful grandbabies...AND cinnamon rolls is good!

Anonymous said...

great pictures!! And those rolls look oh so yummy!

MJ said...

yum yum yum...little baby foots :)
loves you

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

It looks like you got your cinnamon roll rising problem figured out--they look delicious! And the grands are toot sweet too!

Paxie said...

Your blog makes me hungry for food and grandbabies!!

Karen Deborah said...

Aren't grand babies the best? Hunny says if he could do it again he'd have grand babies first.