Friday, December 28, 2012

what day of the week is it?

ok it is a Friday... and 450 I am wide awake again.
Apparently Deb and Chris were calling out to me :)  love you ladies by the way.

That is my fav pic of the season I have some others that are cute but that is ... just totally Bradley and Halo.

Yes, Martha took Halo back to florida christmas evening.  she says we can have her back for a while in the summer time.  She also says that is 2014 she is moving to colorado and we can have her for a couple months then.  so as things go now we will be long distance grandparents.  and as long as Halo is being taken care of and blah blah we can deal with that... We don't get to choose in this situation and it is ok.  I am TRYING to be positive and It would be so much easier to do if Martha told the truth to us ...

Cory and Stephanie met last night, to talk and hopefully set some rules, make some plans, decide if she is totally done... I dont know the outcome but am sure they will tell me when they are ready...I hope they can work out their problems and really make the needed changes to make their lives together work.

I talked to the nurse at the nursing home, she called to tell me that mother was having some serious DT's and withdrawels from the vicoden and that the dr DID agree to totally put her back on it.  Mother also admitted to being a RX drug addict ... which I already knew ... she has been on something for pain for as long as I can recall... and has always taken a lot of medications.   I can remember one trip that she came down to visit many years ago and I actually have the suitcase... it is about as big as a hat box shaped like a teardrop ... anyway it was jam packed FULL of medicines plus she took all the tylenol and motrin that i had in my house... they told her she has some liver damage... shes telling everyone that the hospital told her it was caused by second hand smoke ... Mother was never around much smoke in her life but has taken enough medications in excess to make a drunk look sober.  I digress ... I apologise.

anyway... it is safe to say that mother is not doing great she is STILL declining and if she were a cat I'd swear her 13 lives have been used up.... she will out live us all  probably, because it is apparent that God knows she is not ready for him and the devil is scared shitless of her.  OH DEAR I am digressing again.

I wallowed in self pity all day / evening / night yesterday and I am done with that... time to carry on ... have big plans with mike today... he has a dr appt at 9 i think it is then we must go to the UPS drop store and get these extra pressure canners sent back to sears... I think I told you abotu them sending THREE of them.  then, we are going to sams I have a SHORT list of things I need.  and then I think we are going to work on setting up the DVD surround sound thingy I got us from santa :)  we had one ages ago; it died. the placement and hiding of wiring is a pain in the butt and requires some thought ...

I have some photos to edit and to decide on which to print off... so am about to do that now :)  and I MUST find that darn resume... and I think i know right where I put it ... in my cookbooks LOL... yeah my mind is a bit twisted ... but it just hit me.  I am 99%  sure thats where it is and I had put them in a cabinet for the holidays and had decorated my dry bar with a little 12 inch tree for the kids.

well ladies I am greatful that after all these months you still come around this ole blog and put up with my venting as it is the only thing keeping me at my regular level of insanity.
love hugs and time to carry on .


Chris H said...

You will always have me here to listen and commiserate babe. I know what it's like only too well to have shit kids who lie and use their babies against us.

I hope Martha grows up and puts Halo FIRST one day.

As for your son ... well that is clearly up in the air right now. I hope for Bradley's sake they can sort their relationship out amicably and not drag him into it, or use him against each other.

I hope your Mum can be weaned off her meds one day! Or, if she MUST have them they don't do any more harm to her than they have already.

YOU... well I can only say I love ya, and I hope you can find some peace and contentment SOMETIME soon.

Paxie said...

I'm always going to be here for ya!

Hopefully Stephanie and Cory can be adult about this and keep Bradley as their #1 priority. Martha is going to do what she wants, regardless. She'll learn one day. Praying Halo doesn't suffer for it, but I don't think G'Ma will tolerate that!! LOL

Will keep all of you in my prayers, hon.

Now, head to the cookbooks LOL and get that resume!! Love ya!