Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Vent

Oh Hush I Know I have not blogged since April,  I am sorry. 
First I would like to wish all who read this a Merry Christmas!

And, Issue a warning... RUN NOW the rest of this is a vent/ bitch session that I don't care how many years it takes for the proper people to read but, When they finally do I hope they grow the hell up and realise that MY LIFE and MY FRIENDS lives do NOT revolve around them.

Ok here's the deal, Oct 29th Cory and I drove to Florida to get Martha and Halo.

2 days before thanksgiving Martha hopped on a bus to go back to Florida.

Halo has been here with us and we have totally enjoyed her. She is the most fun, funny baby.

The situation WHAT EVER it is in Florida is not a great one for Halo as things are too unstable.  Martha is not YET where she needs to be to be able to do all she needs to do for her child.

I refuse to keep Halo from Martha, WHICH HAS BEEN SUGGESTED MANY TIMES....

fast forward to yesterday.  Christmas eve 2012

Martha managed to rent a car and heads up here... on a good day with no traffic fastest time to drive it is 7 hours (according to mikes mom) when Cory and I drove it it took us 10 hours one way.

ANYWAY... at 9 pm Martha texts me says they are in Augusta she is dropping him off, going to see a friend, then will be here.

At 10 30 ish I get a text from a friend (wont say if it was MY friend or HER friend or perhaps even one of Lori's friends...telling me that they thought Martha was coming to see/ take Halo what the F is she doing in Augusta at Denney's with Lori?

to which I reply, well she is her aunt and they are talking again so maybe they met up.
to which the person says Oh ... I'm sorry.

so at 11 ish I ask Martha when she plans to come to the house as it is getting late and we are tired.
I get told that i am trying to argue...

finally decided to tell her that I know shes with Lori and I don't care that I hate she feels the need to lie that she could have come seen Halo and gone out all night would have been fine as she is grown.

to which I get a bunch of texts basically saying she knows I stalk facebook and how I failed her test (totally a Lori line) to which I again tell her I don't care who / where / when shes with  anyone as she is grown but since she is planning on staying at my house she needs to respect me and it....

so on and on the shit goes.

BUT my point is this....
I really do not care who she is with , where she lives, what she does as SHE IS GROWN and has to make her own choices and LIVE with the things that happen from those choices... MY CONCERN, MY CARE, MY HEART is WITH HALO and YES I am very concerned with Martha dragging Halo back to Florida when she is not in a stable home does  not have a car does not have medical insurance for Halo.... and IF all of that makes me a bad MOTHER/ GRANDMOTHER then YES I AM BAD.

So that being vented ... NO Martha did not come stay at my house but, will come sometime today and take Halo and that will be Christmas. 

You know I have missed Venting On my blog but, I truly have not felt like taking the time to bore everyone to death with my life and the BS that goes on in it and I really do believe that if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing and I HAVE NOT HAD MUCH NICE TO SAY FOR A LONG TIME....

I do have a lot of news however so will  hit those things

My step mother Jeannie has been in the ICU for a month, Thursday she was taken to an acute long term care facility.  Jeannie is 62 not 65 like i thought... Yesterday at St Anthony's Hospital in St Louis they DRAINED 1/2 gallon plus a pint of fluid off Jeannie's lungs!!! they did a cat scan and x rays and were supposed to do a sonogram... Dad (is 76) says he thinks she will go home in 2 weeks... I don't see how... then he says I don't think my insurance will pay for longer.... WHAT THE F U C K!  so for all you pray'ers out there PRAY HARD for THEM that she does get her miracle and goes home healthier and takes much better care of herself in the future.
their car wreck from the Friday after thanksgiving, still has not been settled ...(the wreck and her being in the hospital are NOT related)

My mother Jean (yeah I know confusing) better known as MOM or the woman who adopted me / raised me blah blah... who lives in Hannibal has also been in the hospital... HER STOMACH WENT TO SLEEP  and stopped working... she has had her intestines go to sleep before so ... this falls under the nothing surprises me much other than how this woman who has visited deaths door more times than I can count is still living.  She went back to the nursing home yesterday (Christmas eve) she did not want to go as she gets  a lot more attention in the hospital.

My baby cousin Todd (hes grown and has his own child) but he is the youngest of the 5 grands on my dads side... is taking a new chemo supposed to have really bad side effects, he is feeling good not having the side effects at all so those prayers are being answered... now for the chemo to  get rid of the cancer!

Cory is an EMT now he does double duty no triple duty he dispatches, he does 911 calls and he does transports and specials... he works all the time and mostly LOVES his career change... I am glad he is not working as a police man any more... it is really really a dangerous and scary job! 

Stephanie got her Cosmetology license and is working at the ummm what do you call high class hoity toity cost a lot but get of hell of a hair job place ... anyway she loves it and still does work at the restaurant a few days a week too...

Bradley... OH what a doll he is growing up so fast but is such a loving boy, when he is not being a little turd.... he is 3 this year and very excited to see Santa clause come.  He is going to speech therapy and really doing good, there are still times when he is excited and gets to speed talking and I have to tell him SLOW DOWN GRANDMA CANT HEAR THAT FAST!  

He and Halo OH MY WORD so funny together, Jo took some fantastic pictures of them two days ago so when I get them from her will Post them, she is a pro FOR REAL :)

Halo well that kid is  growing like a little weed and talking up a storm and so freakin cute and loving... she walks around saying I LOVE I LOVE  I Love PAPA, or Granma or ELMO or Blankie or cookie it is sooooo cute.  She loves it here loves her routine.  how many babies do you know will stop playing grab her toys and blankie tell you night night and go to her room ON  TIME for her nap or at night??? she is pretty consistent about it and cracks me up often...
She is fiercely independent and opinionated... IMAGINE that... and yes we will go crazier with worry about her and will miss her something awful but, hopefully it will not be long till she comes back to see us.

As for ME, The retina specialest (I went the 19th) says my eye is as good as it is going to get and to protect my GOOD eye ... What i can see I see fine what I can not see simply ... there is nothing there so the optic nerve damage is perminant.  I go back in a year.  I do however need new glasses so will be going one day in the next few weeks and get that taken care of. 

The Infectious diease dr, Still has me taking antibotics IT HAS BEEN A FULL YEAR now... 600 mg azithromycin a day... he says, KEEP TAKING THEM... at least another 6 months maybe longer. He says we have stopped the diease process but we are in uncharted territory and he wants to make sure this never comes back or comes to my right eye... I Agree. 

The neurologist I need to call ... and adjust my meds they LYRICA is a wonder drug for me but is INSANELY expensive... I dont go see her till june I think.

the Endocrine dr is simply HAPPY with me and how I am doing she is tickled pink over a lot of stuff and a really wonderful woman. I dont see again her till summer.

I have been teaching my self to can ... with some early morning phone calls to my cooking pals for help and advice... LOVE you PALs!   I made spiced pears, Pickled watermellon rinds, Lime pickles, and green beans. I also put up white acre peas, lima beans, Corn and pink eye peas ... for Christmas I wanted and got a pressure canner for the things that need higher temps ... am excited to get to try it out . 

anyway IF you have read all this BLESS YOU and Love YOU. Merry Christmas and I promise to TRY To be a better blogger!


Paxie said...

I'm first to make it through!! Do I get a prize? How about some canned green beans? LOL

Martha. Gah.

I'm so glad everything else seems to be pretty much normal and I will keep your Moms, Dad & Todd in my prayers...

Please give Mike, Halo & Bradley a big hug from me.

Feel better? Way overdue hahahaha!

Love, hugs and Merry Christmas!

Chris H said...

So glad to see you blogging again... I think it's good to vent girl!
I wish Martha would sort her shit out... for the sake of Halo. But, she's at that 'it's all about ME' stage still eh.

So happy you got to see Halo and have her for so long.

Great news about your healt, bugger about the Mom and Step Mom, I hope they both improve soon.

Ness said...

I NEVAH get tired, bored or whatever listening to your life, your ups and downs, your rants, etc. AS THAT IS WHAT GOOD FRIENDS DO AND GOD KNOWS YOU'VE HEARD ENOUGH OF MINE!!!! That's why we blog.

Praying for all the prayer concerns as well as my little telephone chatterer, Halo. She has stolen my heart sight unseen. May God protect her and keep her in the palm of His hand. Love you!