Saturday, December 29, 2012

Well, I Tried!

OMG I tried to use google chrome...
I am so confused and discombobulated!!!
I could not find me, yet it said I was me and was there signed in and everything yet,
I was not there and it wanted me to merge me with me and,
I RAN right back to the blue E

I am well and truely scared...

I spent 4 hours last night loading 34 GB of photos from my lap top (and it missed 9 months of 2012 pics) to the verizon backup assistant/ cloud thingy ... only to be told that I would have to pay 6 dollars a month to use it... I ALREADY PAY  $145.00 a month for our contracted service... So needless to say ... I ain't.

I already also pay picassa which I do know how to use and have used for years so....

I burned all 16 thousand pics that are on JUST this lap top, that does not include THE BL (before laptop) photos...

I NEED a better way to organise label and store my photos...

I can load disc after disc but for me to seek out one particular photo... I AM SCREWED... If I dont know EXACTLY WHEN it was taken... then odds of me finding it WHEN I WANT IT... are pretty much ZERO.

I ordered some ADORABLE prints from Wally mart they should come soon.

I gave people (who live close) a BAGGY with pancake mix and spiced pears to go on them for christmas... Apparently they were well liked... I know we have enjoyed them .

Michael and I went to the UPS store they would only ship ONE of the canners as sears had only sent one lable (the weight on the lable would cover both) yet they wanted to charge me an arm and leg to put them in a box.... I suggested taping them together and OH NO that won't work... so it came home with us... WHAT A PITA!

we also went to sams.... walked around had a SHORT list of things we were out of... Ended up getting a huge pile of meats which is ok as we were really getting low and I only buy meats once every couple months. 

Need to buy some collards today, for new years day.

in this picture she was 2 HOURS old :)

 love this pic of her, it is sooooo perfect a photo of her and I LOVE that HAIR ... it is a wild thing to be shocked and amazed by.... I have had so many perms over my life time trying to achieve what she will one day HATE! lol
we are not sure what exactly Bradley was doing or thinking but he did have all the critters captured :) *long story there*
What you want the short version of the story??? really  LOL ok ask and ye shall recieve.
Halo has this stuffed kitty (the lighter black one he is holding)  HE LOVES that stupid kitty...
WE searched the WORLD over for one just like HER kitty... Amazon had ONE, SERIOUSLY ONE identical to hers... for 32 DOLLARS!!! plus shipping and handeling... it is a TY purrrralishious (not sure I have spelled that correctly) from 1992 that we KNOW was bought for 10 dollars or less when Halo was much younger... and of course no one knows exactly Who bought it or WHERE they bought it ...She loves "keys" as she calls it and sleeps with it every night.

anyway... I found the dark black dog... and his momma found the two tone brown kitty... both of whom he likes ... but HE still took hers and hid it

can we say BUSTED as he was shoving his and HER kitty under the cabinet so he could open his presents....he cried when he had to let martha take it and load it along with halos other things... Those two really miss each other... sigh.

I have not heard anything from cory or stephanie so... heres to praying and hoping they decide to work things out then 200% go for it.

well... have sneezed so flipping hard that I must go shower :|   have a wonderful day!

and please dont die of shock... I have really Blogged four days in a row : D


Paxie said...

What has gotten into you? LOL
Queen Blogger? Glad to see you here :)

I have dealt with Sears this year and won't do it again. Pathetic customer service :(

My photo organization is a joke. There is none. I use Picassa but I don't pay for anything. I also don't have anywhere near that many photos!

Paxie said...

And Happy Birthday Halo!! ♥♥♥

joanne said...

I was starting to think I was hallucinating...four days in a row!!! So glad to see the updates. Happy Birthday sweet Halo, I love you funky hair.

Ness said...

Those babies are adorable! Good talking to you on the phone the other day. 2013 HAS to be better. Love you.