Sunday, December 30, 2012

50000 photos saved to external drive

yes I have managed thanks to one of Martha's friends to figure out the external back up thingy I had bought YEARS ago and tried and failed to use so had just stuck it in a corner....took Jo all of 3 minutes and two of that was dusting it I do believe have it up and running...

so now to go into it and sort and see and relive those memories... mike and i looked at about 1300 pictures last night... it was really wild to see things from 2003 when I got my first digital camera .... it was a PEN camera that I actually had bought so I could see on the web with my friends... but it took still pictures too and was 1.5 mega pixels... it did not take me too long to graduate to a 3 mp Fuji camera ... then a few years later to Kodak,  then another Kodak and now to a Nikon :)  I can see many  many improvements in my photography and ... good lord my fish REALLY have been photographed more than MADONNA lol.

Bradley will be here in a little while.... Cory and Stephanie are giving themselves a MONTH to see if they can start some major changes in their lives... I am more hopeful than in the past.... so we will pray that they make the changes they need to stick together and make their lives work :)

Martha sent me some really cute pictures of halo opening her B day presents... I'm not positive how to load from my phone to blogger.... maybe I can swipe one off her facebook but, since she is not my friend on FB I don't know.

It took Mike and I 3 stops yesterday to get the WIRES we needed for the DVD Blue ray surround sound thingy... and we need one more as I decided in my sleep that  I do not want to deal with wireless and would rather have a LAN line ...If you know what I am speaking of... BLESS YOU... if you don't don't worry ... I kinda sort of do LOL

this is one of my favorite of all time OLD pictures... I was 5 months pregnant with Cory (26 years ago) and we had gone to Charleston... we had so much fun back then :)    * Me , MOM, and Mike*

well have tons to accomplish... hope you have a wonderful day maybe I will get these photos sorted by year sometime today :)

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Ellen said...

Email the pictures to your self and save them from there!

Wishing you a better 2013 blogging friend.