Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Christmas Depression

and so the depression  begins...

Christmas was pretty drama less(which is a very very good thing)...Martha came over a bit after three, no real mention was made of the night before and the BS that it entailed.  Cory, Stephanie, and Bradley came shortly there after and by 530 all of them had left...maybe it was 6, I don't know, anyway... this rain is something else it has been pouring for over a day and is expected to continue for several more... My arthritic shoulders are killing me... I cant sleep or if I do sleep its not good sleep.
 Halo Got right into  unwrapping :)
 and Having some sugar for breakfast
 and for lunch we had an assortment of amazing smoked meats, mac and cheese, Greenbeans (not in the pic) bread pudding and deviled eggs ... it was delish :)
 Papa kept the paper and trash chaos to a minimum
 Bradley kept close watch on HIS and Halos stuffed pets
 Jordan came to see martha for a minute before she left... and to love on halo she is very faithful to Halo and a wonderful person.

It appears that I need to be calling ups to come pick up the stuff I bought for us for Christmas as sears bungled ... I ordered ONE pressure canner received THREE so TWO need to go back... Indian woman sent ONE return shipping label... TOLD her there are THREE separate boxes and TWO need to go ...sigh.

the blue ray surround sound SAID it is wireless but, it has wires for the speakers... so it needs to go back.

And did I mention the rain??? it is really flooding out there will be interesting to see how badly things have washed with all the work mike has been doing in the back.

I need to retype and update my resume 2013 and it is back to work for me.  I am drowning in medical bill debt.

the nursing home called last night, early evening... just after the kids had all left... somehow mother was sent back to them with no pain medication order and they were having trouble getting one... so I called the on call dr and with in a minute had him calling them placing the order... he was very nice.  So I guess she will be feeling better and they will not be going nuts dealing with her withdrawals and pain and above and beyond normal complaining.... I sort of feel bad I have not actually spoken to her since thanksgiving... have spoken through nurses ect but, that's how life goes.

Step mom is feeling a little better she is very very weak which is totally expected after all shes been through. I hope this place she is at (supposed to be the best for  rehab) really does good for her.  My father needs her as does Jordan.  Will just hope and pray she does well.

Hope you all had the merriest of Christmases and Have a happy relaxing rest of the year! :)


Paxie said...

Can't believe how much Halo has grown!! Adorable :)

Rain. Oh goodness have we had a TON!
Totally saturated yard. Ugh.

You've blogged 2 days in a row. I need to get my act together.

Glad you had family for Christmas and all went well ♥


Chris H said...

How sad that you, with all that is on your plate health wise, has to go back to work.
I think America's health system sucks! We get free hospital treatment and emergency treatment here... and going to the Dr costs me $15 and the kids are FREE. Medications only cost $3 a prescription too.
Move here! lol

Bluebird49 said...

Oh,Laura--I don't know why I checked this blog tonight, but I'm glad I did. I really pray that Martha will get her wild oats,(or whatever they are), finally sown so that her little girl can have a chance at life. I mean--you and Mike gave Martha a good chance, and she didn't seem to "get it." I'm praying that something will happen to make her realize that it's not just her life now--but Halo's too...and I'm so sorry about all the bills and health things. It seems it's been that kind of year for a lot of us.
Happy 2013. I hope that doesn't sound like a trite thing to say, because I really mean it.

Alice said...

Catching up on your blog and LOVING Halo and Bradley pictures. ADORBS! I know it's been crazy, but thinking about you and praying all is well. Love you, friend!

Alice said...

Catching up on your blog and LOVING Halo and Bradley pictures. ADORBS! I know it's been crazy, but thinking about you and praying all is well. Love you, friend!