Thursday, March 1, 2012

good morning world

Last night Stephanie had to work until close and had to be back to work early this morning so we decided to leave bradley at grandmas over night... at 9 pm he went to bed!  his daddy said expect him to be up by two but, He sleeps through the night most of the time when he is here and if he does wake he just gets into bed with us.
 Halo came last night to stay with us until her parents return from florida and finding a place to live down there... she was asleep by 10 30.  
Grandma went to bed at 11 even though she was not exactly ready. 
THUNDER shook the house at 615 (papa was already up of course) and Bradley came to get into the bed with grandma.   by 630 more thunder woke up Halo too so I decided best to get on up and get started NOW on changing the babies sleep habits.    We had cheerios and almond milk and the kids are now playing and I am loading on coffee :D  I see lunch coming about 11 and naps by 12 LOL
well who knows i may have more to add later perhaps some pictures :)  have a wonderful day Yall love hugs and God Bless you and keep you till we meet again!


TSannie said...

How long will you have Miss Halo with you?

Mental P Mama said...

I remember feeding my babies lunch at 10:30 some days and putting them down for naps at 11! Sigh.

Paxie said...

So they have left? I wish them the best, even if it's a stupid idea. I'm so glad they left Halo with you :)

Please be sure to take some time to take care of Ms. Peach, okay? Cause we luv ya!!

Bluebird49 said...

I'm with Paxie--take care of Peach, cause she's taking care of everyone else! Wish my little grand young'uns were so close to me to put them in bed with me. :(