Saturday, March 10, 2012

I does not like...

when the babies are sick... Bradley came over monday with a cold or allergies or something lovely.... and by tuesday halo had the snotty nose too... shes not gotten any better so I took her to the clinic today... she has an ear infection... poor baby. 
her mother and father are coming up tomorrow and will be picking her up monday to visit while they are here getting their things to take back to Florida,  but unless something changes in the next few days, Halo will be staying with us for a while longer.
We dont know for how long and will just take things day by day.
DID YOU KNOW... I did not know this until today, that PUBLIX (a store I have mixed feelings about) gives AMOXICILLIN FREE?  well I am greatful that they do as Halo no longer has any medical coverage and the drs office was 70.00 so it helped to not have to pay even more for medication to make her feel better.
well I have lots more to write but no time to do it right now so thats the update for the day. :)
May God bless you and keep you until we meet again!


joanne said...

hope those babies get to feeling better soon and that you don't catch it too...take care lovie, hope you get a little break.

Debbie said...

Hope Bradley feels better. Enjoy those grands! Seen mine recently?
God Bless~

Mental P Mama said...

Ugh. Hope you don't catch it! And I hope Martha is doing well....Halo is in great hands with you;)

Paxie said...

Three cheers for Publix! Wow and what a blessing...

I hope both babies start feeling better and that you are getting some rest. I passed by a Jason's Deli this morning and thought of you :)

I went to Cook Out and got me a burger!

Sending positive thoughts down there hon...

annbumbly said...

So nice that Publix does that! Hope all are better SOON!

Chris H said...

I hope both littlies are better soon, AND you get some sleep!
And rest.
Having littlies all day every day is so tiring when you are not young any more!
Fingers crossed Halo gets to stay longer... I can't imagine how you are going to feel when she leaves for Florida!

I tried to convice Lacy to call her new baby Halo... but they both said NO! Pfffft. I love that name *smiles*