Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday again already.

WOW time keeps on flying on by its crazy ...
it seems like i Blink once and another week has shot by and I missed it or something.
Halo is feeling much better, I had to laugh at her last night, her mother was texting me when she got off work so I decided to just call and see what Halo would do... she got on my lap and took over the phone talking to her momma, what was funny was her body language, she crossed her feet and had those toes going 90 miles and hour as she told her momma all shes been doing, then she hung up because she loves to mash buttons but promptly called her right back .... then tried to call and text a dozen other people. 
and of course when she hung up the third time I took my phone and she had a complete hissy fit which included throwing down in the floor holding her breath kicking and screaming so she got her jammers on and was put to bed where she crashed out! 

Bradley has some sharing issues he is at the stage where everything IS MINE!  and gets into some trouble taking things from halo, she is quick though and has learned that if she has something to run to grandma or papa and to get there fast the whole time either saying NONO NO or humm how do you spell it??? ut uhhh she reminds me of the kid on little rascals... uh huh only shes uh uhh

They are really too cute together and very busy... they keep me TIRED!

This new medicine the endocrine dr put me on seems to be doing ok I had one episode where it made me sick to my stomach... at least i think it was the med but that has not happened since.  I takes my appetite away but WHEN i do get hungry look out there best be something close by to eat right then or I get rather ill. the HUGE thing is I never know what i want (that was part of my problem before) now it is even worse.   I read a little cute thing that said if stress caused weight loss I would be a toothpick... well dang if thats not true.

I went by the local verizon store the other day... what a joke... they did not have ANYTHING i was interested in in the store and had no idea when they would... michael said you are going to have to go to the augusta store... I might get brave and do that today with halo... the augusta stores are always so dang crouded and the waits are forever... sigh

I am blathering on really about nothing procrastinating on getting halo up.... I have had my shower and well into my third cup of coffee. ;)   so Iguess i might as well suck it up and get going.
Hope you all have a wonderful 1st day of spring... it has skipped straight into summer here!  GAH!
God bless you and keep you till we meet again!


Paxie said...

Love the description of Halo talking to her Mom LOL especially crossing her feet!

Hope you get a phone and something good to eat :)


Laura~peach~ said...

got to the augusta store and there was no one there... guess why??? well cause their computers were down ALLDAY!!!!!!!
came home after going to cracker barrell got soup and salad it was good.... then on line trying to get these phones and GUESS WHAT??? yeah computers down... THIERS NOT MINE... so get on the phone lady says OK got this got phones picked got plan straight... 3 hours of BS and get and email and GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah the order is F'd up... so got a call into her... very impatiently waiting on a return call... GAH GAH GAH ready to rip my hair out... had to put both kids to bed at 630 as if they did not go I was going to MURDER THEM.... Here I thought i have MORE patience as I age... I WAS WRONG LOL...

Debbie said...

Just wrote a comment and it didn't take so I'll try again. I've been waiting for this melt down! I don't know how you do all of it. I'd be bald.

Chainsaw? LMAO!!!

Mental P Mama said...

You are a saint! A saint, I tell ya!

Alice said...

Love hearing how cute halo is getting! And we totally have a "feed Alice" rule....I can feel you on the hunger. Hope that continues to improve.