Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just a few moments ...

Well the other day we did not make it to 11 for lunch, Halo went back to bed at 9 am  and bradley went at 1030, I went a few minutes after he did so we had lunch at 130 when we woke up... it was quite the day of play and cooking and being worn out.

I have come to the realisation that you guys are brilliant and apparently I am quite transparent... and  I know my dr is not gonna be happy when I go back to her... well she won't be completely mad but, I find I forget to do what I am supposed to be doing as in checking blood sugars... and sometimes I forget for several hours to take meds... but, I get busy and I refuse to waste a second of time that I have to spend with Halo while shes here as I dont have any idea when they are coming back ... Martha said they plan to be back one day this coming week but, we simply dont know.   I am a wonderful caretaker... of EVERYONE else ...

Remember I said a couple post back that I got a phone call and a friend needed help?
well my longest bestest friend was flying into town but stuck in Atlanta at the moment and needed to be picked up at the airport when she arrived as he father had emergency surgery that morning and ... anyway I went at midnight to get her ...she was here all week and just go back to her home in Florida last night. 

Her dad is ok.

Stephanie called and said that Bradley is sick and if hes not better she will take him to the dr before bringing him here... he is due to be here tomorrow evening ... he comes monday and wednesday evenings and tuesday and thursday all day, now... so Halo and I have to get some shopping done tomorrow as we have not left the house since Friday :) 

Halo Jeanette and I went out to lunch on friday to red lobster... YUMMMY... I have quite a number of pics of Halo on my phone but have not tried to load them to the computer, this droid is not as easy as my old phone was, with the old one you popped out the disc and loaded it with the droid you have to go through hell and half of Ga to get to the darn disc ... so eventually I will take the time to do it.

I'm sure there is tons I am forgetting to tell that different folks have asked me, I apologise in advance... as right now life is wrapped around halo and enjoying her... she is without a doubt the best baby, even better than Bradley was at this age if that is possible!  She sleeps 12 hours a night every night, she wakes smiling and happy she plays and plays and eats and poops and sleeps very seldom is cranky at all shes sooo funnny and fun to have around... martha is so very blessed with this child... I hope she realises  it one day.  

well i must go... but Ihope this finds all well and Blessed !


joanne said...

Halo needs to have a little convo with our little Maude as she is still not sleeping through the night at 13 months!
take care Peach, of you I mean! ILY

Paxie said...

I agree. Take care of you!! Stress...and yes, even though you are enjoying your babies...will take it's toll. From here I can hear stress. Maybe it's ear wax but I doubt it.

Hope Bradley is not sick and the week goes smoothly.

I'm angry at MJ dammit.

Reddirt Woman said...

Maybe the doctor should say, "How long do you want to be a Grandma for Bradley and Halo?" I love you, Laura, and only want good things and lots of enjoying your babies and your family and friends and your health is important in that goal. Not withstanding the fact that you are such fun in this blogging world of ours!


Mental P Mama said...

You'd better be taking better care of yourself. Do not make me come down there!

farmlady said...

Check your blood sugar and take your meds. You do want to be here to see Halo and Bradley grow up don't you.
No excuses.
Hope you get some down time soon sweetie.
Love and Grits