Sunday, February 6, 2011

stupid bowl sunday

I apologise to all the footyball fans out there... but I am just not one and could not care less about the stupid bowl.
Instead Bradley and I (mostly I) made a pot of chicken and dumplins
he ate some then crashed out...

Michael's been working on the pond all day, last week the main pump died... it was 7 or 8 years old so ... We don't feel too badly about it dying. 
Last night we went to home depot and bought another gallon of slate gray paint for the  underpinning blocks and to put another coat on the porch floor,  and a new pump, then we went out to eat ... I had crab legs, Michael had I dunno what cause I was in line forever to get my legs... and he was about done eating when I finally sat down. 
Conversations in the crab leg line is a hoot however... the man behind me decided to tell the woman in front of me and me alot of stuff... He said that he and his wife had been to three places to eat,  the golden corral had long lines outside, the hibachi grill 30 plus minute wait then they ended up at the Grand buffet which was PACKED last night.   we finally determined it was packed for three reasons...
1. it is tax season and people have a bit of extra money.
2. It is the first week of the month and people get their govt checks on the 3rd
3. the food is REALLY REALLY good here. :)
the man really cracked me up as he said he does not even eat crab legs he was standing there for his wife.

when I finally got back to the table I told Michael about the man... I cant repeat what he said but... I LAUGHED alot... *not at that man but at what Michael said that had nothing to do with that man*

the crab legs were fantastic!  but lemmie tell you about the people watching ... OH MY GOD IF ONLY I COULD HAVE GOTTEN SOME PICS....

there was a WHOLE family all dressed identically from their shirts, belts, designer pants with designer trim and Shoes ... and they did not look good... can we say TACKY...

and this one girl... oh I nearly got up to go talk to this young woman... she had on a tight shirt, jeans with HUGE parts cut out and it was a real miracle that her pubes were not hanging out and 6 inch high heels... and she was not Katie P gawgus... she was chunky and with her stuff hanging out... well I actually felt sorry for this dumb girl who did not have a clue... but Michael stopped me ...

there were some really bad kids in there too... well lemmie rephrase that the kids were not bad persay, however they were allowed to run screaming all over the restaurant and allowed to go to the food bars with out adults to help... and it was just rude so it was the PARENTS who were BAD.  the little girls were actually cute little shits.

and there were some really sweet well behaved kids there too... on my second time in the leg line a little boy about 5 maybe 6 at most was standing by me... he had a couple orange slices he was working on while we waited he never spoke a word... and lemmie tell you when they do finally bring out the legs there are not many ... so they are basically fought over... The lady before me had all this crap to say then dove into the bin and loaded her plate so full... I mean seriously get a few its all you can eat you can stay hours and get more if you want... anyway I put some on my plate and saw that the woman across from me was going to empty the pan so I grabbed a few more and asked the little boy if he was ready he smiled and nodded I put them on his plate and he muttered thank you and went on his way... the lady behind him... poor thing had to wait for the next bin to come out as the other side decimated the pan.

Friday night i was putzing on facebook waiting on stephanie to come get bradley and one of my friends was talking about what she was cooking... I have heard her mention these tea cakes before and wanted to know how to make them so she sent me the recipe I had all the ingredients so decided to make these "tea cakes"  they are a kind of sugar cookie but oh my so delish...I stayed up till 230 making them ... and ate a pretty good number of them too...

WELL I hear some chicken and dumplins calling my name.... so ttfn!  Hope you all have a wonderful SUNDAY!!!!


Steph said...

I'm not a huge football fan myself, but I love going to super bowl parties and hanging out with friends.


Tiggeriffic said...

Soon as Ben's Dad, Cory drops off Ben here at the house we are going to go to my friends house. Holly has invited a number of people that go to our church.. The guys and some girls watch the game.. The rest of us play board games.. We have a lot of fun.. Holly is providing sloppy joes and everyone else is suppose to bring a salad or a dessert.. I made walk around cherry pie.. I had one and they taste so good.
Have a tiggeriffic day~! The chicken and dumplings look so good~!
ta ta for now from Iowa :)

Anonymous said...

I love football, but am just iffy about the super bowl. Unless my broncos are playing..

I always root for whoever is playing against a PA team. LOL I wont get to watch it anyway, because I have to go to work.

your chicken and dumplings look amazing. arent some people rude at buffets?? I love watching them but hate dealing with them..

Chris H said...

After such a long wait I'm glad the legs were yum.
Silly girls in silly clothes don't get ignored by me... I can't help myself I have to say something like: "DID YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR BEFORE YOU LEFT THE HOUSE?" which is my favourite saying.

Paxie said...

Love people watching!! Amazing what you can see LOL

I'm actually COOKING a friggin roast, potatoes and carrots today!!


I love football. Watched game and was pulling for GB. NC does not seem to be able to have a football team hahahaha.

MJ said...

sucks we lost the game...stupidity will do that to ya i guess :( oh well super bowl 46 will be here before ya know it! GO STEELERS GO!!!
OHMYGOODNESS---> i have a reincarnated demon baby...not cool- she looks more like you than either of us...sickens me. i cant even have my own legacy. humph...
word to my mama:TEA CAKES=SO M.FN GOOD. i inhaled them. even refused to share with my man child :)
Wish i could have been there for the dumplins...oh my mama-mikes mom made neck bone---DELISH. you gotta do it now too-have a sneaking suspicion yours will be better. made with limas please :)

mj said...

911--->>>I NEED YOUR HELP.

Bluebird49 said...

Stupid Bowl, indeed. I have suffered ever since it started at my house 179 years ago. The neighbhors could hear the screaming (not mine!!!) when the Redskins a nightmare. But never mind who played--there was still screaming and yelling.

Oh--wish my hubby liked to go to the Buffet---ANY buffet-- with me! I used to love taking Mama when she was able to go--3 big crab legs would last her about all 3 hours--but she loves them. Hubby likes to "be served" --like his mom did him, and then I did--maybe that's why I like buffets so much! Everyone get their own.

My grandmother used to make tea cakes, and they bring back good memories, but I'd rather have the chicken and dumplings, please! Such good comfort food.