Monday, February 14, 2011

another weekend recap ... valentines day 11

Bradley plays the piano every time he is here ...he has gotten so darn tall he can play with out climbing onto the bench
 he wanted to hold my camera... but grandma has to stay strong and keep to her no.
 Mikes been working on the house ... A LOT... I  am LOVING all he's managed to get done.  the blocks on the left are now stuccoed and will be painted soon
 tonight I made these "Katherine Hepburn Brownies"  they are delish
 I have no patience and burnt my tongue on this piece...  but have mercy... had to have another later on...
 Halo was watching the tv... she likes the celing fans too...

 these clouds were amazing... the picture absolutely does not come close to doing them justice
 Halo loves to hold on to grandma when shes napping, she was taking a break from her bottle but so darn cute at it :)
I ao so very much loving my new wireless printer and flat screen monitor for my desktop (michael got the monitor for me free) love that price and I got the printer at staples for 50 bucks... cant beat that for a 149.00 printer :)
well hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day and if you are lucky like us are having wonderful weather!!!!!  TaTa for now!!!!


jojo said...

you are killing me with those brownie pictures..;j

Mental P Mama said...

Such preciousness.

TSannie said...

Nice weekend for you! That's loverly!

Debbie Jean said...

Can't believe how big Halo is getting.. They grow up so fast!! Bradley looks likes a big boy now and not a baby.
Brownie pics are killing me too!! I agree with Jojo!! I need to make some..
House is looking great!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Bluebird49 said...

Just thinking I need to get m piano tuned and repaired. I sort of miss playing sometimes.

Love what Michael is doing with the house--it looks great! He's such a good provider and so good with carpentry. My husband is a good provider, a great musician--but don't give him a hammer or drill!

Love all the pictures, but that last snuggly one--is soooo freaking cute. She's growing so fast. They have a bad habit of doing that....

Hope things are good. And that you have time to enjoy your new printer and monitor (FREE monitor!! That is awesome!)

Chris H said...

OOO your home is really looking lovely.
Before you know it Bradley is going to be all grown up and in school!
Halo is just so precious.

Tiggeriffic said...

I love Katherin Hepburn...and those brownies look delish~!~!
Halo is so sweet.. Don't ya just love a baby sleeping in your arms..
Bradley is getting tall and you should teach him how to do the scale.. Little ones learn quick.
Have a Tiggeriffic Day
Ta Ta To You TOOOOO~! Love it~!