Sunday, February 13, 2011

just thinking.... and other junk

i was just thinking how things we type are not always taken in the tone they are ment...for example I made a status post on facebook and it was totally taken not how i ment it... it was nothing big nothing life shattering nothing even important... cause nothing I put on facebook is... ever, thats just not the format or place for serious stuff.... anyway ... I had written a long clarifying statement then deleted it as it was probably more confusing than the original status... GAH.

Yesterday was FUN Schlena and I went out to lunch, to the village deli in Augusta and it was good,  not amazing but good...and we enjoyed it... then we went to staples so I could pick up some cables, Michael and I have been wanting to make our 46 inch tv the screen for the computer... and while there I got a new printer /scanner/ copier/ fax machine, a wireless one!! ... a cannon for 53 bucks... it was on sale and the display model so I got a good deal.... now to figure out how to hook that bad boy up!!!

After that we went across the street to the movies and saw Gnomeo and Juliet,  It was Hysterical and not really a kids show in my book... but anyway (hence the mess on facebook LOL)

after that we sat and played catch up and made our plans for my annual Missouri trip :) YES if all goes as planned Schlena will be going with me again (she went 5 years ago) and we had a ball even with all we had to do that trip.  So I am getting excited again about driving across the country for a week with HER! :)
I let MJ know already that I will not be taking any kids or grand kids  (I did ask her about going and she decided she could not miss work that week) anyway asked Cory and Stephanie too and they cant either ....

we tried hooking the tv /computer up and came to the realisation that they were not the right cords so... I took off back to staples to return them and to get the right ones and to pick up some chicken and a gallon of milk... finally about 10 pm we got it done... had supper and got our showers then next thing we knew it was 1 30 am ... I headed to bed... Had Halo for a bit today and bradley too... Mike has picked up the princess and bradley has finally conked out...

in other news... My Grandma is 95 years old, shes been in a nursing home for several years and has dementia, my aunt called Friday and said they are pretty sure that she had a stroke, shes not known who we are for a long time and this is a hard slow progression for families to go through... I will miss my Grandma, but it simply is to another degree as I have missed her for many years.... if that makes sense to ya'll.  I hope that my dads family comes to this realisation and are able to celebrate her life and not be so mournful when her life here is done... we will meet again in eternity :)

well I think I am ready to attempt to disconnect and remove the old scanner/ printer.... and see about hooking up the new one... oh MJ in case I forget to tell you I found your jump drive under the desk last night it is on the desk by the cups of pens... I have a bunch of pics to load so next week will have some good stuffs to share :)  until then ... Have a great Sunday!


Mental P Mama said...

So glad you had a nice day!

Paxie said...

I completely agree with your first paragraph, but I didn't see what you wrote. Amazing how there can be a tone in what we write.

Sounds like you did have fun and that's good. I think we all need Spring to come :)

TSannie said...

Good days are just loverly! Glad you had one!

Bluebird49 said...

Oh--I've been wanting a wireless printer! Now--to search for one..maybe.

It is never easy to lose a parent or child. M mom's 96--and she's still in relatively good shape.She can walk, she knows us and can have conversations still. I know, no matter what--it's going to be hard, if she precedes me--but I know I'll see her again. It'll just be hard for awhile. Maybe because you've worked with sick people so much--you can see what's best easier. Hope so!

Happy Valentine's Day! We won't do anything special--we don't have to, either.