Saturday, February 12, 2011

more on valetines.

what prompted my last post was what i had read elsewhere  that told of all these things people SHOULD do and I found it absurd... like many of you we have never made a big deal of valentines day... we show our love daily with notes, letters, words and actions... I do HOWEVER like to get some of the candies that we like AFTER when it is marked way down and is probably much closer to what it is actually worth and stick it in the freezer so we can pull it out when ever we want... I got like 6 of the huge heart boxes with pretty designs and GOOD candy (some are not worth a poot) a couple years back and we ate on them for 6 months LOL....occasionlly if the mood hits we might get each other a card or something but even that is not necessary... I think that like christmas valentines is a big commercial hot mess and if I can only show my hunny how I feel on that one day... then I dont think I  feel much for him... there is NOT a day that goes by that we do not express our love... there is not a day that starts without a kiss and an I love you... or a night that ends without it... ok in 24 years there has been some nights when we neglected that due to a fight or something ... but it has never gone more than a day or two...I am blessed with the best husband on the planet (no offense to your hunnys or you men that come here but, I am biased of course) my husband supports me in every way and thats not to say he is a push over or anything because he also lets me know in a hurry if he thinks something is not how he feels it should be... But after 24 years together I am just so greatful that God made this man and I know he was made just for me ... :)   Happy Valentines day yall :) 


In the Heart of Happy said...

Perfect sentiments on a perfect post. I feel the same way!

Paxie said...

I felt the same way once!

Our wedding anniversary was on the 9th, his birthday on the 11, Valentine's on the 14th and my birthday the 15th. I used to get roses...a day for each year, on our anniversary. We celebrated the whole week in a way.

Now? No sweetie...which is okay. I like your way and you do have a wonderful hunny!!

Tracy DeLuca said...

I agree! On the whole post! LOL

Debbie Jean said...

Loved your post, and feel the same way about my hunny!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean