Monday, October 3, 2011

on the lighter side...

Bradley Loves to help papa, he would not stop smiling
 they had to work on the tractor
 more huge smiles
 driving again
 Bradley sat down to take a pic with halo, he first was trying to sit on her lap LOL
 anything Bradley can do Halo tries to do as well.
 Halo stands up on everything and tries to climb up on it
 yep I can do what he does
they have tons of fun at grandmas house....
 Bradley loves to slide
and swing while watching word world, and his other favorite shows....

Hope you all have a wonderful week!  and I have not forgotten about getting pics together just have not had time... yet... :)


Jeannelle said...

My lawn tractor just broke down! Bradley should come and fix it! Looks like things are busy in your world, Laura. Take care.

TonjiaT said...

fun! fun! fun!! grandma's house is really creating some great memories.

Debbie said...

Those 2 are just adorable!! I am jealous, you get all that loving all the time!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Halo looks alot like MJ doesn't she?

God Bless~

Mental P Mama said...

Too adorable! Is there any room left in there for the grownups??? !!!!

Paxie said...

Grandma's little blessings...priceless!