Wednesday, October 19, 2011

busy busy busy

trying to think where to begin with the stuff thats been going on...last saturday morning I got a phone call from my cousin (mikes cousin) schlena, Her brother had been in a motorcycle accident that morning 630 am  and had been killed, there are a couple senerios as to what happend... he either lost control after crossing the train tracks, or a deer or other animal ran out in front of him or something else in the road caused him to lose control and wreck...Gene was a retiired deputy sherriff in Aiken county South Carolina, he was 64.  And will be missed.
There was all kinds of other stuff going on but for the life of me I cant think right now what...
Sunday Cory Stephanie and Bradley came over to VISIT!!!! then they left :) (pics below)
Monday, Schlena and Pauline wanted to go see Gene at the funeral home before he was cremated, So I took them... It went very well, they got the closure they needed and I got to spend time with them.  Mike Had his teeth removed and was home giving me the thumbs up when I walked in... Later that evening he told me that hands down this was the BEST dentest and office staff on the planet and he woudl reccomend them to EVERYONE... so If you need dental work call me will get you right to them :) 
yesterday... went to south carolina to meet a woman....
she advertised a cedar chest... a very old beautiful LANE cedar chest... I have wanted a cedar chest since i was a child... mother had one, I did not get it... it was gone long before I had a chance to get it... but I digress... ANYWAY... this lady wanted a camera.... and I happend to have 2 back up cameras since I just got the Nikon.... so YEP we TRADED!!!!!! :)  LOVE LOVE LOVE trading!!!
I will post pics of it soon... cant believe I have been too busy to take any yet...
and today I got to have BoTH babies spend the day with me so I invited a very good friend of Marthas to come go running with us (I LOVE how my kids friends still love me even when My kids dont ) so JOJO went with us... we had a bunch of errands to run and then we went out to eat and laughed and talked and played  then it was time for the babies to go home and mike to get off work and supper and now to blog so enjoy the pics.
No matter how old (Becca is 20) Malorie 13 months the kids love the play kitchen!!!
 the daughter type person had to get in the play as well... :) she can deny all she wants but she had fun too.
 Oh and I forgot we had a storm come through one day last week and no power so I took some pics in the dark with the nikon to see how they would turn out... love the candle!
 halo was having fun working on the china cabinet
 and LOOKIE... (click pic to embiggen and SEE) SHE CUT A TOOTH bottom left is though!!! 9 and a half months old and we have tooth!!!!!
 I do believe she is a HAM....she loves to play close to papa
 and to learn to drink from a sippy with papa... when she came over martha handed her to me, usually mike is not home but he had come home after the dental work so he was here... she saw him and nearly jumped out of my arms wriggleing and squeeling to get to her papa ... all he did was smile and wave...then got her and they were happy :)
 we had a bit of poop emergency at 1230... she had eatten a jar of carrots with cerial and a jar of bananas, I heard her go grabbed her up to change her and  when I laid her down it flooded up her back... so to the sink we went... (papa was asleep already and we did not want to wake him up and the tub is in our bedroom)
 when they finished supper they came over... Bradley had to have a popscicle...
 he was barefooted and stepped up to get one then JUMPED down ... I caught him in the up position... it was too funny
 mike and cory were messing around and I caught them too.
 then Bradley and papa had some work to do
 halo loves the jumper and I think i may even have videos to load in the next post....
 she was playing patty cakes with papa
 today Bradley and Halo were playing together ... they do adore each other...
 he got side tracked by the thomas video and so she went to get her ball...
 today while we were out running errands... we came across this family flying kites and this Kite is absolutely the most beautiful thing... so we stopped and took pics and bradley went nuts saying KITES KITES KITES about 14 million times
 the dad had a small kite that was WAY up in the air his flew and flew while mom tried to help their son and to fly this HUGE kite.
oh and mom made a trip back to the ER last night or the night before... but shes back home (nursnig home now) talked to her tonight shes feeling much better.... Mikes a million times better and got several more super busy days coming up.... funeral is tomorrow... and I need glasses BAD... so gonna try to get that done tomorrow (mine are having issues in a bad way)  and i forget what all else has to be accomplished so ... have a great day ! love hugs and God bless!


jojo said...

Maude may have two teeth at eight months but she doesn't have a hair on her sweet little head!! Look at beautiful with her big eyes and happy smile..;j

Jeannelle said...

Congrats on the camera/cedar chest trade! That's pretty cool!

farmlady said...

Sounds like a very busy week but I think you like it when things are moving along and your family is around.
You're such a grandma.
Take care...

Paxie said...

What energy drink are you on? LOL

Goodness gracious. Glad all is busy, everyone is healthy and happy and the photos are darling!!


Chris H said...

So sorry to hear of you losing a family member so tragically.

Love all the photos of the family, the babes are so precious.

Bluebird49 said...

What a wonderful house of love!

TonjiaT said...

what great fun you are having!! it looks like miss MJ is working at Cracker Barrel, is that where she works?

Dana has a niece and a nephew that are CB employees from way back, they love the company.

have a great weekend Laura!