Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halo Photo shoot :)

*No mama, the cat is not one that is picked up by people... he is somewhat friendlier than he used to be but that is another reason he is kept from the babies.  He is  truely a ferral cat.

now on to more fun stuff... I have videos for you but guess what blogger isnt loading them and after 4 hours of frustration and trying I give up... so still pics will have to do...

One of marthas friends loves to take pics (almost as much as I do) and she came over yesterday and between the two of us we took over 600 pics... no i wont post all just some favorites ... showed them to a neighbor who now wants me to take her families christmas pics and pics of her kids :)

Gabby loves Halo and Halo loves Gabby too, Jordan was having a ball playing with them.
 halo was not too sure about the chair but then discovered it rocks....
 She waved Hi to ya'll 
 Jordan wanted to put her in a dress, Halo was not cooperating and gabby thought it was HYSTERICAL
 we took some blankets outside ...Halo said who needs blankets and took off to the grass
 and was busy checking out the leaves and grass
 then decided to go find what else was out there needing her attention
 jordan brought some cute little curtian thingys... halo was having fun playing, wheres Halo...
 then she got tickled at jordan
 and finally broke out into huge grins and giggles
 then Jordan snuck in a kiss
 was too cute :)
 Halo said, more Jo Jo more :)
we have two teeth through now and Halo is very interested when anyone is eating anything around her and has to have some too... she is too funny!  anyway hope you enjoyed our photo session as much as we have
till we meet again !  God Bless you and keep you !


My Two Army Brats said...

I think the internet just ate my comment!

Halo is getting so big and so stinking cute!! She's beautiful!!

Jeannelle said...

Nice photos for the memory book!

Mental P Mama said...

Oh these are adorable! Love the one with her bottom in the air! Priceless! Beautiful light...

TonjiaT said...

she certainly has a sunny personality! lots of smiles.

hey, you might have to start your own photography business!

Chris H said...

I love all the photos!
I take hundreds of my grandbabies too!

Paxie said...

Halo is growing so fast! These photos will be a treasure forever!

Love the outside shots :)