Friday, October 28, 2011


this photo needs a caption...
rules to this contest are:
1. create a caption that will make me cry tears right down my leg!
2. PLEASE DO NOT link to facebook, but feel free to share the contest on your blog IF your blog is NOT linked to facebook.
3.contest will end TUESDAY at noon. 
4.prize will be ... I don't know what yet but, something worthy!
5. Have fun!
*papa will pick the winner! *

I realised when I saw this pic it really needs a great caption and, that it has been way too long since I held a contest!  So with all that said Have fun !  I can't wait to see what my brilliant blogger  blisters and friends come up with!


Chris H said...

"WHY are you just sittin there when the lawns need mowing?"

"Sigh, remember the old days?"

"You want dem lawns mown... you do it. I got some serious contemplation to do...."

"Ya reckon we will ever get outta here, dem bars look mighty high"

"Where's mah beer woman?"

That's all for now!

Paxie said...

"Grass is growing while ya sit there"

"I know ya back's been botherin ya...want me to mow?"

"We got enough saved to fix this thing?"

"You want supper before or after ya mow?"

"You awake?"

Bluebird49 said...

Her:"I have washed clothes, washed dishes, cooked your breakfast lunch and dinner, babysat the grand younguns--all while you've sat here and contemplated mowing the lawn!"

Him: "Oh, shut yer yappin,'ll get done when I'm rested up."

Her: "When you're rested up? You've been retired for 2 years--what are you resting up from!?"

Him: " From all yer yappin'. Anyways Ma, the lawn mower ain't had gas in it since you cut it the last time!"

Her: "&^#% #&$! And I AIN'T yer MA!"

Him: zzzzzzzzzz

Debbie said...

Her: You ser ain't like yer Papa! He'd be up and had that dern yard done by now!! He taught you better than that!! Now up and get going!!!

Him: Dang woman, Papa had one of them there fancy riding mowers, not one of these push thangs. But, yer right, he did teach me better!! I got to make him proud.

Her: Now that's more like it, honey, I'll make dinner while you get to work on that yard.

Well you best cook, just like my Grandma Laura does. None of that crud wive's now a days cook!!! I want good ole southern cookin'.

Oh well had fun, with it...LOL

God Bless~

Ellen said...

In my day, we mowed the whole lawn with a mower just like this - no ride on mowers for us.

Mental P Mama said...

I love this so much! Can't you just hear her! "Bradley! Get out of that chair and get the lawn done!"

Paxie said...

LOL you did get some "hoot" replies!!! hahahahahahaha