Sunday, April 24, 2011

today the wind blows...

and with the change in the wind so goes the change in Marthas Mind....I am so sad for her it really seemed as though she had finally had enough but, She let him talk her into believeing him AGAIN.  So shes giving him ANOTHER chance... I hate to see her put herself though this crap again but, to each his or her own and I can not make the decisions for her. 

Bradley was dressed too cute for easter... Stephanie had just gotten here to pick him up and take him to see her family and to go easter egg hunting with the other kids :)
 Mr. Big stuff is a total mess... Yeah I know you all know that.
 he likes this hat Jordan :)  it will fit for a bit if he does not hit a massive growth spurt!
 Yesterday Michael and I got the garden planted we did most in Straw bales, and some in the ground... so far all the plants are very happy!
 another view :)
 we also got the shade garden planted and found most of the shade loving plants we were looking for.
 all of these except the marigolds will come back year after year and will grow and fill in the garden
 I am loving it
 Bleeding hearts are so pretty and so epidomize how i feel way to often
 this rose bush has been here forever... we have totally cut it down a few times and it has done amazingly well... It is covered in beautiful sweet blooms.
anyway Hope you had a good easter, and have a great week ahead!


Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Happy Easter to you too!

My niece decided to call off her wedding that was planned for June 2nd. Same thing--putting up with a crappy place to live, no money, alcohol, and a terminally immature man. I wish so much that she an Martha could see they deserve so much more, but they seem so blind to the truth.

Debbie Jean said...

So sorry about MJ. Hopefully she will one day see how he treats her and will not want that example for Halo. She is in my prayers.

Tell me some good shade plants. I have a bed that I put day lillies in that I need to transport as it gets so much shade they don't do well. I have never seen plants in straw bails. Are those veggies?

Hope that you had a great Easter. Bradley looked adorable!!!

God Bless~

Bluebird49 said...

Oh Laura-I don't know what to say....your girl still has some decisions to make for herself and Halo's best life. You're in my prayers.

Stephanie looks so pretty holding Bradley--who looks precious in that hat! Thank God he was not burned as badly as we first thought and is healing so well! God is so good!

Tracy DeLuca said...

Oh, that girl..... HUGS

Paxie said...

Young love is so blind and I pray she'll soon see the light.

Bradley is just too cute, hon!

I've also never seen the straw bales with plants! I like it. Hostas are the only shade plants I have and they return faithfully and bigger each year :)

Looking good!!

Flea said...

Ooo! I like the idea of planting the bug repellent flowers in the holes of the cinder blocks! Sweet!

Caution said...

I'll keep praying for her. I suppose she is a little scared to admit some things.

Now, why do the berries go into the bales? You know I'm farming ignorant :(

farmlady said...

I'm so glad that the weather is good enough for you to plant and do some gardening. It all looks great!
Hope MJ finds some happiness.