Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Wrap up

I took these pics the other morning when Cory andStephanie came to drop off Bradley.  Halo was up and had been for over an hour in fact both kids stayed up most of the morning before finally giving in and napping.
The pics came out adorable I think.
 Now if we could just get Halo to smile more :) she is smiling more just not when the camera flashes.
Friday I spent running Martha to do what she needed to get done before prom and grocery shopping, I was beat by early afternoon but still had Bradley Friday evening, He was really good however, so that made it better.  Apparently Martha came by for me to see her all dressed for Prom but Bradley and I had run to Harlem to get some catfish for supper and she left a few minutes before we got back.
Saturday we had big plans to get plants and get them planted but since the weather service kept telling us to seek shelter for the tornados, THAT NEVER CAME :) ... not even a drop of rain came.... we ended up sleeping most of the day away.

Sunday... Have I mentioned that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my KINDLE???? well anyway since friday I have read 3 books.... I cant put the darn thing down and It's so easy to hit and buy books... I am in DEEP TROUBLE!!!!! LOL...I got 9 new books.... 7 of which were free so maybe I am still ok.  I have not opened my amazon bill yet (it came friday)
ANYWAY ... sorry got sidetracked there.... Today We had Bradley again, and he was good as gold.... except for that minute or two just before he fell asleep....anyway papa was working in the garden and I was chasing Bradley all around the yard... the boy runs... while looking over his shoulder and trying to avert accidents is a full time job...little shit can open doors when he wants and he shut and locked me out on the front porch then would not open the door,  I knew the back door was open but was barefooted and not looking forward to the walk around through the rocks and sticks ect... eventually I headed around the house to which he went into complete hysterics ... but He got over it.
eventually momma and daddy came to get him and he was just too darn cute with his BYE BYES....
and thats it for my boring weekend... pretty much got nothing accomplished... but I do feel better... :)  back is not as stiff and knee even is acting better for the most part... I kinda think I way over did it Friday and thus brought on my own pain... Sigh...

Hope you have all had a wonderfull weekend and are gearing up for an even better week to come!
God Bless!


Tiggeriffic said...

You are so busy with taking care of Halo and Bradley.. He is getting so cute.. Love his haircut.. I suppose it's easier to take care of because of his burn. Getting locked out of the house was not too fun I'll bet. Martha is a beautiful girl..
Sorry I missed getting together with you in March.. Brother and sister had me way too busy..
Have a Tiggeriffic Day...ta ta for now from Iowa..:)

Paxie said...

Love Bradley's haircut! He is just so adorable :) That smile!!

Halo will get there. She looks like me when there is a camera around. "No!" Don't take my picture!

Hope Martha had a wonderful prom and you be sure and keep resting when you can, Ms. Peach!

Mental P Mama said...

Great pictures! Stephanie looks different... Now give us some book recs!

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning--I was picturing Bradley inside the house laughing with you banging on the outside to get in LOL Little kids--ya gotta love 'em!

MJ said...

Pain Pain go away boom chicka locked out- thats what emjay has to say :)
love the pix of my sweet-sorry i made your knee hurt friday-thanks for helping though- plenty of other occasions for pretty pictures-send out a prayer request for grad.
love and aleve meds

Chris H said...

Bradley's head is looking good, that's a blessing.
Halo is so darn cute, even when she's not smiling!
Our wee Emily never stops smiling... she's such a happy bub.