Tuesday, April 19, 2011

through the twisted corners of my mind...

usually I come up with a title to my post long before I begin typing, or I have some photos to base my blathering on... tonight I just feel like typing :)  I really should be taking a hot bath or shower while waiting on the dryer to stop... but instead here I am thinking of all of my bloggy buddies.

there are so many that I have followed for a very long time and have had the awesome privilege of actually meeting a few people in person too.  With facebook there have even been a few more, some I will get to meet in the future and many many more who have such a wonderful impact on my life that I will probably never get to meet in person :(

But it's one of those nights where I just feel like letting you all know that you mean so much to me.  You are my contact with the real world outside my 4 walls, you come in have coffee with me, sit on the porch and talk about anything and everything and share your thoughts prayers and friend ship with crazy me :)  that's precious! 

I realise that we are all so blessed to be living in the age of electronic bliss, to be able to contact and interact with people all over the world.  I remember growing up living for Saturday morning and watching THE BIG BLUE MARBLE... the biggest thing I remember about it was that it took me all over the world to places that I could never ever begin to imagine... being a kid who grew up in the country and the closest town was a little historic river town. To realise that there was MORE beyond Hannibal was a revelation in and of itself.  I also remember that they connected kids as pen pals... my pen pals name was Melissa, she lived in DEEP RIVER CONN.  I don't recall her last name and keep praying that one day when I least expect it her name will come to me and in this awesome age I will be able to hunt her down. 

In some weird way I think you are all my pen pals, sharing your lives and hopes dreams Ideas and sorrows hurts anger pain... all the stuff that comes from being a part of, sharing, living.

THANK YOU ALL FOR being Bloggers, For deciding to step out there in the scary web world and proving over and over that there is so much more GOOD than BAD on here.

Love hugs and Coffee :)
God Bless you and keep you


Chris H said...

What a gorgeous post... I feel the same way mate.
I feel like I know you and love you so much. I hope one day (if miracles do happen) to meet you in person.

Mental P Mama said...

Awwww. Love, kisses and hugs to you. I will get there. I promise.

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Thanks for the nice post--I feel very fortunate to know you! Now if only we could meet in person, wouldn't that be fun...

Alice said...

Oh, Laura. This made me cry! IT's so true. And I am one of the lucky ones who's been able to meet you and your kids and bradley (not halo ~ YET) in person. I feel the exact same way. All of these people who I would have never met if not for the internet mean so very much to me. Y'all are my extended family and I look forward to checking in on everyone every day (although now...it seems more like every week instead daily...)

Anyway, you are a precious friend to me and I love you all so much!

TonjiaT said...

and God bless you Laura.

I so miss the many blogs I used to read and enjoy. It seems like no one is blogging anymore, and I miss that.

You made my day just a little brighter.. sending you love and hugs!

Debbie Jean said...

Thank you for accepting us into your life, and thank you for coming into mine. One day, I hope to be able to meet you in person also. I feel I already know you.
Kiss those sweet babies for me.

God Bless~

TSannie said...


Paxie said...

Awwww. This about made me cry. I feel just as you do sweetie and I'm lucky to have gotten to know you!

You and I need to make a NYC trip one day together!!

Love you and big hugs!!