Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Got a HUGE case of the BLAHS

I have a HUGE case of the blahs...I know part of it is simply being tired, and sick of being in pain.  My knee has been a pain for more than a month now and simply does not seem to ever get better. Then Sunday my lower back decided to join in the pain game which I am sure is from 1900 miles of driving just after 1850 miles of driving less than a month ago.
It  is a beautiful day here, 67 degrees with a wonderful breeze and I have all the windows open but, I should be out buy plants and getting them in the ground. 
I have come to the realisation that I am not 24 any more and doing things with babies simply drains me.
I love keeping the grandbabies but, I am totally limited as to what and when I can do things even around the house and that frustrates me as I have always done just about what I want when I want.
Some days I really would just like to be a normal grandma and see my grand kids for an hour or two then have them over when I WANT.  Instead I have them 6 days a week (one or the other or both) but, I am relucant to say anything to my kids because they will not understand and will feel like I dont want to keep the babies.  I do want to keep them I love keeping them I just wish I had the energy and patience I used to have.

I hate having to lie to mom about Halo and having to play the secret games with her on so many things, Yet to keep peace I have to ... and where my mother is concerned peace is important.
This pic is of her and her favorite Aid, Nikki, is great with mom and I am really glad she is there.
 Yesterday Halo got a bath at grandmas house, Martha gave it to her so I could man the camera :)
 she loves the bath, she kicks back and totally relaxes the little spaces for bottles fit her elbows perfectly.
 somewhere I have a picture of me, cory, bradley, martha and now halo in this position... Halo absolutley looks like her mama did when she was this size... love all the baby fat rolls they are just soooooo squeezy!
 Jeannie got halo this t shirt it is just too cute and I have my little cross stitch that says the same thing... they just make me smile.
ohhhh what a nummy baby, shes getting so big so fast. she now has a bottom and is so very strong to be just 3 months old,  she talks and now makes spitty bubbles which are so cute.  she still sleeps many hours a day and on occasion will stay up for a good number of hours she is really such an easy baby it is unreal. 

well i am trying to get out of the blah blah mood and get some things accomplished around here.
Have a wonderful Tuesday.
God Bless you and keep you Till we meet again.


Mental P Mama said...

You do an amazing amount of stuff. For everybody. Allow yourself a blah day. Or three;)

Paxie said...

Dig out and dust off the Boundaries book. Wasn't that the word for the year?

Agree with MPM :)

I got blahs and no babies...

Caution said...

No babies here either, but I've had the blahs for a couple of months. Tired of trying to figure out why and have just accepted it for now :(

Glory be, but Halo is GORGEOUS. I want her - but maybe not six days a week!

Hugs to you.

TSannie said...

Cheery thought are coming your way!
That Halo is just adorable.

TonjiaT said...

blah days are ok.. you have had a rough year, try to take some time for yourself, whether it is meditating, praying, reading, napping, whatever....

Chris H said...

{{{HUGS}}} I hope your knee and back stop paining you soon sweetie.
Halo is so BIG now! Our Emily looks tiny compared to her, yet they are only a month or so apart!
I know how you feel about getting tired quickly with looking after the babies... I am so glad Brylee and Griffin are not babies now.